Ensuring your dashboard is configured for seamless app releases


This article will show you the best practices in ensuring your app is created successfully by configuring your dashboard to satisfy requirements for your app release. 

The main elements you need to ensure are set up prior to the building of your app are:

    • Classes
      • (ensuring at least one is active and visible)
    • Memberships
      • (ensuring at least one is active and visible)
    • Your website
      • (added in your settings within the Dashboard)
    • Images
      • (set in the Member App section of the Dashboard)
    • Colours
      • (set in the Member App section of the Dashboard)

Next steps and additional support can be found here

What the 'Blocked' status means

We want to ensure that your customers are easily able to browse your classes, sign in, buy memberships and purchase items from your store once your app has been successfully updated. If you see the 'Blocked' status when requesting to update your app - this means that there are some additional tasks to complete before your app update can begin.

These tasks can be completed easily and quickly in your Dashboard.

No Classes Added

When updating your app, ensure that you have classes added and enabled in the Member App settings of your Dashboard. Classes must be enabled, as shown here:




This is important for the review process so that Apple can test the functionality of the app. Apple require that an app must be a complete version when submitted, and this includes having classes viewable and bookable on your app.

If you submit an app without classes enabled, Apple will reject the app.


Please note

Do not include any 'Test' classes that you have used to test the app. Any placeholder text (e.g. 'Test', 'Example') or temporary content will mean that your app will be rejected. Ensure that all content is real before continuing with your app update.

No Memberships Added

Similarly, Apple need to see that your customers can sign up to memberships with your studio. Reviewers need to see that the app is complete with all relevant information before your app goes live.

You can add memberships to your account by navigating to the 'Services' tab, and clicking on 'New Service':



Please note

Ensure that any memberships you add are real memberships you would like your customers to buy. Any placeholder text (e.g. 'Test', 'Example') or temporary content will mean that your app will be rejected. Ensure that all content is real before continuing with your app update.

No Website Added

When submitting your app, you need to have a valid website. Apple require a fully functional URL for your website. Your website must have all test or temporary data removed, or your app will be rejected.

You can quickly add a website by navigating to the Settings on your Dashboard, and adding your website here:



To personalise your customised Standalone app, you can use your brand's colours to emphasise your branding.

To set these, navigate to the Member App settings of your Dashboard. By default, the colours will be shown as below:


Click on the colours to open a colour picker, and choose the colours that suit your branding best. 
As stated above - the tertiary colour will be used if there are accessibility issues with your primary and secondary colours.


A key step in preparing for your Standalone app, is uploading images to the Member App settings on your Dashboard. Images are essential in establishing your studio's branding with your customers.

You can find more information about working with images for your app here.

On your Dashboard, navigate to the Member App settings. You will need to make sure that you have classes/courses/trainers/facilities enabled so that they will appear on the app. Click the toggle to enable these features on your app:


When you have enabled these on your app, you can upload images to your Dashboard. These images will be displayed on the app, and enhance the branding and personalisation of your app. If you do not upload images here, the colours that you have chosen in the previous step will be used instead.

In the example below - classes, courses and trainers have been enabled in the app but no images have been added:


Please note

  • Images should be uploaded as a png or jpg format
  • We recommend uploading images that are less than 400kb to ensure quick loading for your client
  • The image must be no bigger than 1MB or it will cause the app to crash Max image size is 1000 x 1000 pixels


Next steps and additional support

Once you have ensured that you have valid classes and memberships enabled, and a fully functional website added to your Dashboard - you can proceed with building your app.

Please note

These apps are not available on all Glofox packages; for more information or to upgrade, please contact us at customersuccess@glofox.com or reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager.

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