What's the difference between a membership and a Service Credit Pack?



A membership will usually consist of unlimited services within a time period. However, you can restrict these services to a particular class.

In Glofox, a membership can be set as 'Recurring' over a particular time period e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, annually. This means that members who purchase this membership must add a payment method to their profile when purchasing it so that future payments are taken automatically.

Recurring membership payments are great for automatically collecting payments for loyal members who repeatedly purchase your memberships. When you enable recurring payments for a member, the member is then considered as having a ‘Subscription’ with your gym or studio.

Service Credit Pack

A Service Credit Pack places a limit on the number of services a member can access, be it: Classes/Appointments/Facilities/Courses. A member can only book in a specific timeframe. The use of the service credits may also be restricted to particular classes or Class categories, Facilities, Courses or even Trainers.

The credits are given an expiry date so that they will no longer be valid after the selected expiry date. Each time a member makes a booking using credit, the credit will automatically be deducted from their account credit balance. Members can keep track of their available credits on their profile page of your Studio's app or website.

A Studio can keep track of a member's credits on the credit history tab of the member's profile.

A member can have multiple Service Credit Packs.



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