Why does it say 'Sorry, this user already exists' when I create an account?



When creating a new account for a member, this error may appear if a member with the same email address already exists within the system. A member with the same email address may also have been deleted but is still on the system within the deleted list of members.


  1. Check that the member you are trying to register is not already on the system. This can be done by searching for the member's name or email address in Global Search.
  2. If the member cannot be found you should take a look at the list of deleted members. If the member can be found in the deleted list, you then have two options to resolve:
    • You can restore the deleted member. You can find more information on how to restore a deleted member in this article
    • You can edit the email address of the member in the deleted list.
      1. First, you will need to restore the profile
      2. Then edit the email address in the details of the restored profile
      3. Once you have finished editing, click delete. This will allow you to then add a new member using the initial email address they wanted to use

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