What is Global Search?


This article will take you through; 

  1. What is Global Search?
  2. Searching for a client to purchase a class/course/product
  3. Searching for a class/course/product to buy for a client
  4. Next steps and additional support

What is Global Search?

Global Search is the search bar located on the top right corner of your Glofox dashboard. It enables you to look up; clients, memberships, classes, courses, appointments, and products. You can use it to find and book clients into classes, purchase products for your clients, or locate a client's information to add an interaction or update their information. 


Whatever you use it for, Global Search is a quick and easy to use tool to help streamline your Glofox experience. 

There are a couple of ways you can use the Global Search to purchase items or book classes etc. 

Searching for a client to purchase a class/course/product for

  1. Search for the client's name
  2. Select the Book/Buy button on the client you want to purchase for
  3. Search the class, course, appointment, memberships or product you want to purchase
  4. Select 'Buy for/Book for' and choose the payment method
  5. Select 'Proceed with Transaction'

This can also be done the other way around with searching for the product or membership first.


Please note;

All results in Global Search will appear alphabetically. If you are unable to see a client's name in your search, be sure to select the 'View more clients' option at the bottom right of the results panel.

Next steps and additional support

For additional support, reach out to support@glofox.com, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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