Why are my members not being imported to MailChimp?


When syncing up Glofox with your MailChimp account you may notice that some members haven't been brought through to MailChimp. This can happen when a required field in MailChimp (such as a telephone number) is not set in the member's account on Glofox.

Glofox will send the member's data to MailChimp but MailChimp won't allow the member's data to be saved because the required field was empty.

To remedy this, you will need to make sure that either:

  1. all the required fields needed by your MailChimp list are filled in the member's account in Glofox before syncing 


     2. you have marked the fields on your MailChimp list's settings as not required

image source: https://kb.mailchimp.com/lists/manage-contacts/manage-list-and-signup-form-fields

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