How Do I Purchase Something from the Store


This article will take you through; 

  1. How to purchase products from the Store
  2.  Next steps and additional support

How to purchase products from the Store

Purchasing products from the Store on the Member App or Standalone App

Making a purchase from your 'Store' on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App' is easy.

  1. Once your client has logged in, they will see a 'Store' symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of their screen
  2. Tell them to click this and select the item they want to purchase
  3. Change the quantity if needed
  4. Click 'Purchase' 


Please note:

Members purchasing a product from you via the Member App will only have a Credit Card as a payment method. If you are purchasing a product on their behalf from the Dashboard, you will be able to select; Credit Card, Cash, Complimentary or Bank Transfer

As well as clients being about to use the 'Member App' and 'Standalone App' to make purchases on the store, admins on the system can also sell items through the dashboard using 'Global Search'. Just follow these steps;

Global Search: Searching for a client to purchase a product for

  1. Search for the client's name
  2. Select the Book/Buy button on the client you want to purchase for
  3. Search the class, course, appointment, memberships or product you want to purchase
  4. Select 'Buy for/Book for' and choose the payment method
  5. Select 'Proceed with Transaction'


Global Search: Searching for a product to purchase for a client

  1. Search a class/course/product name
  2. Select the class/course/product you want to book/buy and select 'Book/Buy'
  3. Search a client's name
  4. Select 'Book for/Buy for' and choose the payment method
  5. Select 'Proceed with Transaction'


Please note;

  • All results in 'Global Search' will appear alphabetically. If you are unable to see a client's name in your search, be sure to select the 'View more clients' option at the bottom right of the results panel.
  • Purchases made by Credit Card will receive an email receipt to the email address provided on their member profile.
  • Purchase receipts can be enabled from Connect > Messages > turning on the setting for these email receipts. 


Clients can purchase an item by pressing the store icon on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App'. Members can choose to pay by card or to 'Pay Later' at the facility if this option has been set up.

Next steps and additional support

for more information on setting up and using the store, read the below article; 

For additional support, reach out to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you. 

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