Recurring Appointment Bookings 


What is a Recurring Appointment? 

Recurring Appointment Bookings are now available for customers on the new version of Appointments. This new feature gives staff the ability to create multiple appointments simultaneously, on behalf of their clients. 

What are the benefits? 

  • Improve efficiencies for Admins/Trainers setting up appointments on behalf of their clients
  • Ensure loyal clients secure their weekly spot without the hassle of having to book ongoing individual sessions 

What does the first version include? 

  • The first version of Recurring Appointment Bookings will be available on the Dashboard only 
  • Staff can create Appointment bookings on behalf of the client for up to 6 months in the future
  • The bookings will be created as unpaid bookings
  • Trainers/Admins can take payment for the booking any time after the booking is created, any type of payment can be used i.e. credits (if available on the client’s account), cash, card etc.
  • The bookings can be made regardless of the memberships type (PAYG, Restricted, Unlimited, Credit Packs all supported)
  • The ability to bulk delete all appointments in the series in one click 

What are the limitations? 

  • It's not not possible to take automatic payments for the appointment bookings/upfront payments 
  • Members will need to cancel the sessions individually on the app, however, a staff member now has then ability to delete the full recurring appointments functionality from the Dashboard calendar 

Steps to set up a recurring appointment booking: 

  • Go to the calendar 
  • Select a slot on the calendar 
  • Set up an appointment and select the ‘recur appointment’ checkbox
  • Select one or multiple days 
    • Note: all appointments will be created at the same time. If you would like to set up appointments at different times, please create a separate recurring appointment 
  • Select the date you would like the appointment to be scheduled until 
    • Note: there is a 6 month limit
  • Hit ‘Create appointment’ 
    • The appointments will be created and will be visible on the calendar. If there is a conflict, the appointment will not be created, which will be shown in the confirmation screen. This can be because the user has another booking at this time, or the trainer has another appointment at this time.


Steps to take payment for a recurring appointment booking: 

  • Once the appointment has been created, access the appointment on the calendar
  • Hit the ‘Charge’ button 
  • Select the payment type (note: it will automatically pull in a credit if available) 
  • Complete the transaction 


How can I delete a Recurring Appointment? 

Staff now have the ability to delete all recurring appointments from the Dashboard calendar. The bulk delete option is beneficial in the following cases: 

  • If a client wants to change the time of their recurring appointment, simply delete the recurring appointment with one click and set up a new recurring appointment on the calendar 
  • If a client cancels their membership and you need to delete their bookings from the calendar 
  • If a staff member makes a mistake when setting up the recurring booking, the appointments can be deleted in one go 

To delete all appointments from the date of the slot you select on the calendar, simply:

  • Select the desired slot on the calendar
  • Choose the 'This and all following appointments' 

The appointment you selected and all following appointments will be deleted from the calendar. 


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