How can a Member see their Visits in the Member App?


This article will take you through:

  1. What are member visits?
  2. How members can see their visit information

What are member visits?

Visits include the count of attended classes and the number of check-ins for a member. The number of attendees is based on the attendance marked in the dashboard, while check-ins are based on your studio's door access data or barcode scans.

How can a member see their visit information?

In the profile section of the Member app, clients in all studios can see their visit stats, helping them track their own progress. By displaying data on their class attendance and check-ins, members are encouraged to achieve milestones, engage with the app more, and be motivated to visit the gym more often.

To find this information:

  1. Go to your Profile section in the Member App. Here your members can see:
    • The Total number of classes attended or Total number of check-ins (if attendance is not available)
  2. Click My visits. Here your members can see: 
    • How long they have been a member of your gym/studio
    • How many classes they have attended in the current month
    • How many check-ins they have had in the current month



Please note:

In the 'Time since' section, membership pauses are not included in this calculation.

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