Trainer Availability for Client- Side Appointment Bookings


This article will take you through

1. What is Trainer Availability? 

2. What are the benefits of the first Trainer Availability release

3. How do I create Trainer Availability for member facing Appointment bookings? 

4. Steps to set up appointments for client side bookings 

What is Trainer Availability? 

The Appointment Availability feature allows you to set trainer hours on the Dashboard Calendar. The set availability, enables clients to self-book 1:1 appointments in the Member App. 

The Trainer Availability for client side bookings, is only available on the new version of Appointments. 

What are the benefits of Trainer Availability? 

  • Free up admin time and increase revenue potential by creating a trainer schedule for client side bookings 
  • Add availability on an ad-hoc basis - if you have gaps to fill throughout the week, simply set the trainer availability and increase the likelihood of filling those free spaces 
  • The ability to set date specific or recurring availability availability to cater to trainers that have changing schedules or the same hours week on week. 

Please note;

  • The trainer availability set on the Dashboard applies to client side appointment bookings only. You can still use the availability as a reference to help with staff side bookings. 
  • Staff members (Trainers/Receptionists/Admins) manually scheduling appointments on the Dashboard or Pro App, on behalf of their clients are not restricted by the set availability. 


How do I create and publish Trainer Availability? 

Any staff member can set up availability from the Dashboard Calendar. 

Note: Trainers can only set and view their own availability, Receptionists and Admins can set and view all Trainer availability. 

Steps to create Trainer Availability: 

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard Calendar 
  2. Hit 'Appointment Availability'
  3.  Select any Trainer 
  4. Select either Recurring Weekly Availability or Date Specific Availability (It is not currently possible to select both)
  5.  Select 'Add a day' 
  6.  Add the available trainer hours by setting the date or day, start time and end time. If you would like to add two time blocks, simply select the '+' icon. 
  7. Once all days and times are set, hit 'Save'. Ensure you save the hours before navigating to another Trainer. 
  8. To view availability on the calendar, simply select one or multiple trainers. 


Please Note

  • You will not see unbooked slots on the Dashboard calendar. The appointment slots are only Member facing. 
  • It is not yet possible to block out specific dates when setting up a recurring schedule i.e. trainer holidays, studio closures. The ability to block specific dates will be available in a future release

When the hours are set on the Dashboard, clients can self-book variable appointments in the Member App and the Web Portal. 

  • Note: If a conflict is detected (i.e. another class or appointment booking), the availability will not display to clients 
  • The availability dynamically updates in the Member App and on the Web Portal based Trainer bookings, so you can rest assured that your schedule will be continually optimised



How do I create Trainer Availability for member facing Appointment bookings? 

1. Please ensure the appointments are created under MANAGE > Appointments on the Dashboard. Check that your Trainers are associated with the correct appointments. 

2. Ensure your appointments are associated with the correct Memberships/Credit packs in the Services section of the Dashboard 

3. Finally, under 'Appointment Availability', add any trainer times that you want to make available in the Member App and the Web Portal. Note: once the Trainer is connected to an Appointment on the Appointment definition page and the Trainer's Availability is set, it will then present the available appointment times in the Member App and the Web Portal. 

If you would like more information on the new version of Appointments, see here

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