What happens if I delete a Membership with clients still on it?


It's possible to delete a Membership or Plan with a member still on it.  In this article I'll run through what will happen when you delete either a Membership or a Plan within a Membership.


Deleting a Membership

When you delete a Membership from Manage > Services, it is not fully deleted, but it's soft deleted. It will not longer display in your membership list, however it will show in the deleted list where it can be restored. You can see the deleted list by navigating to the services tab and clicking show deleted in the top right.

If a membership is deleted

  • If a Membership members will still be able to book into events at the price the events was set to for their membership. The price eligibility will not show the membership but if you restore the deleted membership you can edit the setting or price in the price/eligibility section. 
  • If the membership is a subscription, members will continue to bill normally, if the membership is set to renew it will continue to auto-renew as normal
  • Reports should continue to show the same information for the deleted memberships

Deleting a plan

You can delete a plan within a membership. Similarly to the above, all the same scenarios will apply ,however it is not possible to restore it, meaning no further clients could purchase it if you wish to readd it at a later date. It would need to be set up again within the membership. 

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