How to use the Class Performance Report


The 'Class Performance Report' will allow you to identify what classes are most popular with clients. Whether it is seeing what generates the most bookings, or what the most clients turn up for, you'll be able to get valuable insights into what's performing best. 

Quickly compare all your classes over time of your choosing. Whether the important data for you is how many people book, or how many turn up to class on the day, you can quickly get these insights. By clicking on the title that is most important to you, you can filter high to low, so it takes seconds to uncover which class has the highest number of bookings, or which has the lowest number of people checking in. From there, you can make informed decisions on what classes may require more sessions, or which may need to be changed. Classperformance.gif

By clicking on any class on the list, you can deep-dive into the different times the class took place, so you can quickly get insights into what times are the most popular, and which may need to be scheduled. You can even click on one of the sessions to open the Class Attendance list - so you can deep dive into who booked in, who trained the class, and where it took place. 

You can find this report by clicking the reports icon on the left side of the screen and clicking "Class Performance" in the report list


Next steps and additional support

For more insight on your classes and events, read the following article; 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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