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This article will take you through our Spot Booking feature

  1. What is Spot Booking?

  2. What are the Benefits?

  3. What Does This Version Include?

  4. What are the Limitations?

  5. Steps to Set Up Spot Booking and viewing it in the class details(Dashboard)

  6. Steps to Book a Spot (Member App)

  7. Is this version right for my studio?

What is Spot Booking?

Spot Booking is a feature that allows gym members to reserve a specific spot in a class, such as a bike, boxing bag, or piece of equipment when booking a class. By enabling the Spot Booking feature, you can provide a seamless and organized experience for your members.

What are the Benefits?

The Spot Booking feature offers several benefits for both gym operators and members:

  1. Members can reserve their preferred spot in advance, reducing the need to arrive early and eliminating disputes over spots upon arrival.
  2. Simplifies class organization for trainers, as members who reserve spots will have their assignments prior to the class.
  3. Enhances the overall member experience by providing a seamless and organized booking process.

What Does This Version Include?

This current version of the Spot Booking feature includes:

  • Spot Booking configuration in the gym's management dashboard
  • Uploading an image of the class layout 
  • Spot selection for members after booking a class through the Member App
  • Use default spot labels, or customize them for better organization and clarity
  • Display of the reserved spot in the class details screen for members 
  • Auto-assign function for bookings without spot reservations
  • A confirmation email for members with the assigned spot number

What are the Limitations?

The current version has some limitations to be aware of:

  • The Admin will not have any visibility of the spot booked in the Pro App (only available in the Dashboard)
  • The Admin and Members cannot edit spot selection once the booking is made
  • Members cannot reserve spots for guests (Book a Buddy
  • Spot booking is not available on the Web portal, the Dashboard or through integrations like Gympass and ClassPass. If a class is booked through any of these, the spots will be automatically assigned prior to the start of the class. 

Steps to Set Up Spot Booking (Dashboard)

  • Navigate to Manage > Classes.

  • Choose the class on which you wish to enable Spot Booking.
  • Open the Class Details panel by clicking on the class.
  • Click the toggle to enable Spot Booking.
  • Click Save.


  • Spot Booking will automatically use the class 'Size' to display the number of available spots.


  • You can customize the labels in the app using Dictionary (e.g., rename Spot to Bike, showing Bike 1, Bike 2, Bike 3…). (only available on the Platinum plan)

You can also now add an image of the class layout to the Class creation screen. This will allow members to view the layout before selecting a Spot when booking a class. You can upload .png .jpg and .jpeg  image formats with maximum dimensions of 1000x1000px and maximum file size of 3MB.  Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 14.02.05.png

If you're unfamiliar with creating designs, don't worry. For assistance in designing your class layout image, you can use the provided Canva template. Canva is a user-friendly platform, that allows for a straightforward creation of class layouts. 

You can view who has booked what spot via the Class Window in the Dashboard. To do this click on the class you wish to see in the calendar and click "Show Spot List". This will show you a list of spots and the members assigned, as well as any unassigned members or spots.



Steps to Book a Spot (Member App)

  • Members will see if Spot Booking is available for a class in the class details screen.
  • After booking a class, the member will have the option to select an available spot or skip a spot selection.
  • If a member skips spot selection a spot will automatically be assigned to them prior to the start of the class. 
  • They can click to view the room map to see the location of the spots in the class
  • The member's chosen spot will be displayed on the class details screen after booking
  • The member will receive a confirmation email with their spot number when they select a spot or when it's automatically assigned to them.



Is this version right for my studio? 

The Spot Booking feature will be most beneficial for studios that have the majority of client-side bookings, with class capacities that directly correspond to the number of spots.


If you have any questions or would like access to this feature, please reach out to


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