New Appointments Overview & Set Up


In this article we'll explain:

  1. Setting up your 1:1 Appointments
  2. Setting up Trainer Availability
  3. Booking Appointments from the Staff Side
  4. Booking Appointments via the Member App

Setting up your 1:1 appointments

Here's how to set up your Appointments:

  • In the 'Manage' section on the Dashboard, you will find the 'Appointments' page
  • Here, you have the flexibility to create any Appointment type of any duration (E.g., a 30 min PT, or a 60 min Massage appointment).
  • On each appointment, under 'Settings', you can make one or more Trainers eligible. It's important to ensure the correct trainers are linked to the appointments, as once you set the trainer's availability, it will present slots for any appointment the trainer is linked to in the Member App. 


Clients can attend using Credits. To set this up:

  • Go to the Attending with a Credit section of an Appointment
  • Select a Credit Category that matches the Credit Category of a membership or credit pack you already have (more on this later)


To set a drop-in price, go to the Attending without a Credit section:

  • You do not need to set any prices here if you only want to use credits for appointments 
  • Set a drop in price for anyone without a membership or a valid credit
  • Under "Services eligible without a credit" select any memberships and set a price for them to pay. You might want to set this up as a fallback (if the client on that membership runs out of credits) or as preferential pricing for a specific membership.
  • If a client has a valid credit, that will always be taken before these prices are used.

Setting up Trainer Availability

The next step is to set your Trainers' Appointment Availability. Go to the Calendar, and click the Appointments Availability button.Screenshot_2023-04-26_at_18.20.40.png

  • Select a Trainer and enter the hours you want
  • The Trainer will only be able to add or delete their own appointments, Admins & Receptionists can add Availability on behalf of any trainer.

Either a Recurring OR Date Specific Availability can be set. Once the availability is set, and the trainer is connected to an Appointment/s, clients will be able to book through the Member App and the Web Portal. If you don't want clients to self book Appointments, just leave this section blank.

  • Note: If a Trainer has another Class  or an Appointment, slots will not be visible or bookable for that period in the Member App or Web Portal - double bookings are prevented.



Booking an Appointment on the Staff Side

Appointments can be created from the Calendar Dashboard by clicking the create button in the top right in the calendar or selecting a space int he calendar. 

Add a client to the booking and continue to create it as a single or recurring appointment.


Note: Recurring Appointments will be created as unpaid appointments and must be charged for once the bookings are set up either before or after the appointment has taken place.


Any staff member can create a single Appointment on the Pro App, it is not possible to set up a recurring appointment from the Pro App, this capability is only possible from the Dashboard. 


Client Side Bookings on the Web Portal & Member App 


  • Once the Trainers Availability is set on the Dashboard, and they are associated with the correct appointments, the available slots (after checking for conflicts) will be made available in the Member App & in the Web Portal.
  • In the Web Portal, clients can filter by Trainer type and Appointment type.
  • In the Member App, clients can filter by Trainer type, and Time.
  • When filtering by Time, clients can choose Morning, Afternoon, or Evening to see appointments within those time frames.
    • Morning: 3:00AM to 12:00PM
    • Afternoon: 12PM to 6:00PM
    • Evening: 6:00PM to 3:00AM 
  • The availability shown to members dynamically updates after any appointment booking or for any other class booking - always showing the trainer's real-time availability. 

Please note:

In some instances, applying any of the Time filters (except 'Any time') will not return certain slots.


  • The trainer’s schedule is set from 11:30 until 12:30
  • The start time of the slot is 12:00
  • If the duration is 30 min (12:00 - 12:30) the appointment will show with the Afternoon filter.
  • If the duration is 60 min (12-00 - 13:00) the appointment will not show in the Afternoon filter (as it is past 12:30 availability), and it will not show in the Morning filter (as the start time is 12:00).

For more information on using Appointments see here

This new version of appointments is currently being rolled out to all studios. If you are interested in getting this enabled please contact our support team at

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