Why are some classes not showing on the Member App/Web Portal?


In this article , we will take you through some troubleshooting steps if your clients are not seeing classes or other events in the Member App or Web Portal.

If the class is set to private

If an event is set to private, it will not show for users in the Member App or in the Web Portal. You can check if the class is set to private from Manage > Classes or in the individual event itself. See here for how to set up a private class 
First check in Manage > Classes. On the details page you can see if the overall class (so all events) is set to private.


If this is off, check the the schedule tab on the same page to see the instances of the class, click the cog icon and check if the class is set to private there


Toggling these off will ensure all classes for that time will be set to public. 
You can also check the individual instance for the class in the calendar. Click on the class and click the edit button and you can see in the details if it set to public or private



Events are toggled off in the Member App or Web Portal settings

If Classes are toggled off int he Member App or Web Portal Settings page on Dashboard, Classes will not show. (This is the same for courses and appointments)
Go to the menu icon in the top right corner of the Dashboard and select Member App or Web Portal Settings
For the Member App scroll down to the what shows in the App sections and ensure Classes are enabled


For the Web Portal, scroll to the section see below and ensure Classes are enabled in the General Settings section

Timetable displays is set to a low number

Go to settings in the bottom left of the Dashboard and click "Booking". Check the classes section for what the Timetable Display is set to. Please note, any changes here take 24 hours to take effect




If any of these steps don't help, please reach out to our support team at support@glofox.com

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