Understanding the Visits Report


This article will take you through

  1. What is the Visits report
  2. How to use the Visits Report
  3. Visits logic to be aware of
  4. Last visit on the client profile
  5. Next steps & additional resources


What is the Visits report

Visits combines client ‘access’ details along with a ‘class/appointment check-in’ to give a ‘visit’. The Visits report will show studios how often their clients visit and how busy their locations are for customisable periods. Visits differ from normal Access reporting in that Visits include class/appointment attendance while Access is a solely door confirmed access or barcode scan.

A visit in Glofox is counted when a user either scanned into the studio successfully or is marked as attended for a Class or Appointment.


How to use the Visits Report

The Visits report is located in the Reports section in Glofox

The top of the report contains a three tabs:

  • Overview - this gives an overview of your visit data.
  • Visits Data - this gives a breakdown of your visits data, including:
    • Total days visited by each client
    • Visits by Membership type
    • All clients visit details
  • Insurance - this shows visits data for your insurance members.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 16.50.14.png



Visits Data:




Both the Data & Insurance tabs have a filter option towards the top of the report to view the data through the lens of access only if required. 



Visits logic to be aware of

  • A visit is either a confirmed access (not within a minute of previous access) or a confirmed class/appointment attendance 
  • A daily unique visit is a daily client access or class/appointment confirmed attendance. A client can only have one of these a day
  • Any access followed by automatic check-in for class/appointment within 1 hour of that access will count as one visit only
  • One access is one visit. Multiple accesses are multiple visits (unless within one min) 
  • One event (class/appointment) attendance is one visit. The visit time is the start of the event. Not the checkin time
  • Multiple class attendances/appointment are multiple visits 
  • One access and one class attendance within an hour is a visit (we use the access timestamp to record the visit time) 
  • One access and 2 class attendance within an hour is 2 visits. The first visit time is the access timestamp and the second is the 2nd class start time
  • When a client accesses a location and has 2 classes within an hour, the client is only automatically checked into the first class
  • If a client accesses after the start time the client will still be checked into the class (and only one class if they have another one following) 
  • If a client accesses after a class has finished the client will not be checked into the class automatically
  • If a client accesses after a class has ended and is checked into the class this will be recorded as 2 visits
  • Marking someone as attended for a course will not count as a visit
  • You can only select up to and including 365 days of data via the custom date picker. To retrieve more data multiple queries are needed 
  • This report is for Platinum customers only



Last Visit on the Client Profile

For quick and easy access to the client's last studio/club visit, you can now check it on the client's profile on the Dashboard. The last visit displays the date and time of the client's last visit. The last visit considers both home and roaming visits. 

The last visit will always be determined by where the client last visited. For example: 

  • If the client last visit was a was roaming visit, the house roaming icon will be displayed. The branch name will display on hover. 
  • If the client's last visit was a home visit, the roaming icon will not display. The branch name will display on hover. 

Client's last visit = home visit 

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 12.34.18.png

Client's last visit = roaming visit 

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 12.35.20.png 

Similar to the Visits report, a visit is counted when the user either scanned into the studio successfully or is marked as attended for a Class or Appointment. 

Next steps & additional resources

This report is being rolled out to all studios with more improvements to come in it. For more information on attendance and access reporting see below

For any additional help or feedback, please contact support@glofox.com



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