Two-Way Communication - Messages


Your members will now be able to reply to some of the emails sent via the Messages tab.

This article will take you through:

  1. Which emails allow replies
  2. How to enable/disable replies
  3. No-reply emails

Which emails allow replies from members?

The following emails will have the option to allow replies:

  • Birthday messages
  • Class booking reminders
  • Appointment booking reminders
  • Amplify workflows
    • New leads
    • New clients
    • Member expiring
    • Member expired
    • Member loyalty milestones

For these emails, members can easily reply to emails they received, and their reply will be sent to your studio email (you can change your studio email under Settings).

These emails will show your studio name as the sender and are sent under our Glofox email domain. When members click to reply, the email’s “To:” field will automatically specify your studio email, indicating they’re replying directly to you.


How can I enable replies?

Replies are automatically enabled on the above messages. If you want to disable the ability for your members to reply to a specific email, you can do so when editing its content in the “Enable message replies” toggle, as seen in the image below:

No-Reply Emails

For these messages, members cannot reply directly to the email they received. These emails will show your studio name as the sender and are sent under our no-reply Glofox email domain.

Members are still incentivized to engage with you by a “Contact your studio” link in the email footer, which will start a new email thread with the “To:” field automatically specifying your studio email, indicating they’re emailing you directly.

Additionally, you can reinforce this message through the email’s content. For example, by including a note “If you want to reach out to us, you can message us at [your preferred studio email]”.



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