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You will now be able to capture your members' insurance details in the client's profile within the dashboard.

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Insurance Overview

The Insurance feature will allow you to capture your client's insurance details in the dashboard, track client visits, and pull a report from the Dashboard to assist with insurance submissions for reimbursement.

All customers will have access to the Insurance details on the Client profile, however, only Platinum customers will have access to the Insurance reports. Please contact support if you would like to upgrade. 

Insurance details 

  • Insurance will be visible for all customers on the client profile on the Dashboard
  • Receptionists, Admins & Superadmins will have access to add insurance details on the client profile. The insurance details include:
    • Insurance Company Name
      • Note: if a company you require is not available in the dropdown list, please raise this with Support 
    • Member insurance ID - this field can be used to add the unique identifier for the member
    • Group ID - this is an additional field that can be used to input an additional code. This is a requirement for some insurance providers, this field is optional.



Please note:

There are two reports you can use for Insurance Reporting. Under Access Insights, you can find details for access only. On the Visits report, the visits count will include both access and attendance.

The insurance reporting is currently for Platinum customers only. However, all customers have access to the Insurance details widget on the Client Profile. 

Insurance Reporting 

For insurance reporting, you can use either the Access Insights report or the Visits report. 

Insurance Tab on Access Insights Report 

You will be able to see your members on insurance in a separate tab in the Access insights report. 


Insurance details on the Visits Report

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