Virtual Appointments Slots Generation


Virtual appointment slots are now available for member-side bookings through both the Member App and Web Portal.

For those who are still using the older version of Appointments, you'll notice virtual slots specifically created for personal training (PT) sessions with trainers.

What makes virtual appointments stand out is their dynamic generation. They are created on the fly, taking into account appointment settings and the availability of our trainers.

This dynamic approach offers flexibility to generate appointment slots in real-time, considering any overlaps with newly created bookings. This ensures a smoother and more responsive booking experience for your members.

This article will take you through:

How Virtual Appointments Slots Generation Works

First, define the length of the appointment:

image (4).png

Next, set up the Trainer Availability:


Next, set up a start time from when appointments will be generated.

In the Web Portal, the start time is the current time.

In the Member App:

  • when mobile setting “Show past events” is OFF, then the start time is the current time - 1h
  • when mobile setting “Show past events” is ON, then the start time is at 12AM current day

The start time is adjusted to the nearest 15 minutes.

image (5).png

The appointments will then be generated:



Please note:

Generated appointments slots depend on the start time and end time. This means the system generates appointments for the given period of time. Hence, the amount and sequence of appointments are flexible and change with a new period of time.

Next steps and additional resources:

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