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Editing a Class through the Calendar

To edit a class through the calendar, navigate to the Calendar and select the class you wish to edit.

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The class slide-out will open. Choose Edit this event.

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You will now be able to edit the class details, bearing in mind, this will only edit this instance of the class. No classes on other days will be changed.

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Click save when you've made your changes.

Editing a class through the Manage tab

To edit all instances of a class, navigate to the Manage tab, and click Classes. Choose the class you wish to change, and click 'Edit' to the right of the class name.

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A panel will open where you can change the details and the schedule for the class. Click 'Save' when your changes are complete.

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Please note:

  • You must change the Trainer in the 'Schedule' tab in order for the change to reflect in the Calendar.
  • Any edits made through the Calendar will only change that instance of the class.
  • Any edits made through the Manage tab will reflect on all instances of that class. If you make any changes that will remove classes from the schedule, and those classes have bookings, the classes will be deleted and the bookings will be cancelled.

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