One-off emails


One-off emails make it easy for you to send a mass email to a targeted group of your clients, by:

  1. Going to Connect > Messages
  2. Clicking on the “One-off emails” tab
  3. Clicking on the “Send new email” button
  4. Selecting the audience you want to target
  5. Optionally, loading an email template
  6. Composing your desired email
  7. When ready, clicking on “Send”

You can see this below:



Email blasts are a great way to easily communicate with your entire community. This can be extremely useful for a range of scenarios; some that may be useful to you include:

  • Promotional campaigns, such as seasonal or other special occasions
  • Recurring newsletters, to engage with your members
  • Mandatory alerts, such as the studio being closed on a certain day

Please note:

If you notice that some members don’t receive an email you expected them to, it may be because the message was sent as a marketing message. In this case, recipients who did not consent or have unsubscribed from receiving marketing messages will be excluded.

Additional resources

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