How to Set up Clients From the Dashboard


This article will take you through;

  1. How to set up clients from the dashboard
  2. Next steps and additional support

How to set up clients from the dashboard

Clients can register themselves from your Member App or Website Portal. However, if you wish to add or register a client yourself through the dashboard, follow the steps;

  1. From the dashboard, go to the 'Manage' icon on the left and click on Clients
  2. Click the blue 'Add Clients' button
  3. Enter your client's details like; name, gender, phone, email, etc. (name, email address and gender are required to add a member)
  4. Click 'Add Member'


The client can now be assigned memberships and book into classes. The email address used here is the email address that the member must use to login to the Member App and Website Portal.

The client will need to click register when logging into the Member App or Website Portal for the first time. When they register, they will be asked to create a password for their account, this will then merge into the account created by you from the dashboard. 

Next steps and additional support

Once your new client has signed up and booked into their first class, you might want to learn about checking clients into classes, setting up waivers, or access monitoring. Read the articles below for more information; 

Having trouble? Reach out to, and we can help.

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