How to Set up a Service Credit Pack


This article will take you through;

  1. What is a Service Credit Pack?
  2. How to Set up a Service Credit Pack
  3. Next steps and additional support

What is a Service Credit Pack

A 'Service Credit Pack' is a pack of class credits that your client can use against a pre-determined number of services. One credit is used for one booking. 'Service Credit Packs' aren't usually considered 'Memberships', but they can be set up from the same place. 

There are three types of 'Service Credit Packs' you can set up; 

  • Classes
  • Appointments
  • Facilities

How to Set up a Service Credit Pack

Setting up a 'Service Credit Pack' with Glofox is simple, from the Dashboard, follow these steps;

  1. Navigate to the 'Manage' icon on the left sidebar and click 'Services'
  2. Click '+Add Membership' or edit if there is an existing membership you want to edit
  3. If creating a new 'Credit Packs', input the details e.g. name, description, just as you would with a regular membership 
  4. Then go to the 'Plan' tab
  5. Click on 'Service Credits Pack' 
  6. Select if the pack starts on the Date of Purchase or Date of First Booking (Please note: Date of First Booking packages are limited to one at a time for the user, while they can have multiple Date of Purchase ones)
  7. Click ‘Add Credits’
  8. Enter the number of credits the member should receive under this plan
  9. Click 'Edit' to select;
    • If Classes/Facilities/Appointments are bookable with these Credits
    • If All/One/Multiple services are bookable with these credits
    • If and when the credits have an expiry date
  10. Once you select your desired options, click 'Save'


Please note;

You can initially only choose one category per 'Service Credit Pack'. If you want your client to have, for example, 'Class Credits' and 'Facility Credits' in the same plan, you will need to click 'Add Credits' again after setting up the first pack. This will bring a new pop-up for you to edit, do this before clicking 'Save.'

Credit Priority

Credits will always be taken first in the system when they are available. Even if your client has a membership and a credit pack, a credit will always be taken first.

What if my client has more than one credit pack?

The first thing the cart will look for is which active, relevant credit will expire first (for example, if your client has multiple credit packs, the system will take the credit due to expire soonest).

If your client has two credit packs and one has an expiration date, credits from that pack will be taken first (as opposed to a credit pack that does not expire).

In cases where your client has multiple credit packs for different categories, the most relevant credit specific to the booking will be taken.

In cases where more than one credit pack exists, the system will look for credits in the following order:

1. Expiry Date
2. Multiple Select Events
3. Category
4. All events (whichever was purchased first if expiry and all other details are the same)

What are Categories

Categories allow credits to be linked to a programme and only allow them to be used for an programme of the same category. If you select a category for a credit pack, for example "Boxing", this means that any Classes setup with the category of “Boxing” will accept this credit. This is beneficial if you are adding new classes as you will not need to update the credit pack. The categories correspond with the category options when setting up classes Manage > Classes . Categories are also available for credit packs for Facility & Trainer Appointments. 


While a class can have multiple categories, credit packs are limited to just one category. Trainers & Facilities also have this option and you can change the category of these at any time from their relevant section in the Manage tab.

To select a category for a credit pack:

  1. Click edit on the credit pack
  2. Select the button "One Category"
  3. Select which category you wish to make the credits available for
  4. Click "Save"


Next steps and additional support

Do you want to find out more about Memberships? Read the below articles; 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you. 

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