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What are Audiences?

Audiences are a way for you to segment your leads and clients. The groups created in the Audiences section can be used to target specific customer groups in your one-off campaigns and later in your automated messages. Initially, the groups created in Audiences will only be applicable to one-off campaigns. 

Please note: we are continually working to enhance this feature. To start, you can simply view the audiences that are available to target in your one-off campaigns. In an upcoming release, we will be adding additional audience groups that you can use to target i.e. Former Clients. At a later point, you will also have the ability to customise your audiences. 

Where can I find my Audiences?

Under the ‘Connect’ tab, you will see ‘Audiences’.

Within the Audiences section, you will be able to view the audience groups that are available for one-off campaigns:

  • Active memberships
  • Active memberships in the last 45 days

Your audience view will look like this:

Audiences detail page.png

Clicking on the audience name will open a panel with more details:

Audience edit - no preview.png

Next steps and additional support:

As mentioned, there are several releases planned to enhance our new Audiences section, providing you with more flexibility and customisation to target your customers as desired. 

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