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What are Audiences?

Audiences are a way for you to segment your leads and clients. The groups created in the Audiences section can be used to target specific customer groups in your one-off campaigns and later in your automated messages. Initially, the groups created in Audiences will only be applicable to one-off campaigns. 

If you're not seeing audiences in the one-off emails, rest assured they will be available soon. 

Where can I find my Audiences?

Under the ‘Connect’ tab, you will see ‘Audiences’.

Within the Audiences section, you will be able to view the audience groups that are available for one-off campaigns:

  • Active memberships
    • Clients with an active unlimited or restricted membership 
  • Active memberships in the last 45 days
    • Clients with an active membership with at least 1 visit in the last 45 days 
  • Former clients
    • Membership is cancelled/expired
  • Leads on trial
    • Leads on a free or paid trial
  • Expired trials
    • Leads with an expired free or paid trial
  • Failed payments
    • Clients with a membership in an overdue status
  • Low attendance
    • Clients with 0 visits in the last 14 days

Your audience view will look like this:

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 17.04.54.png

Clicking on the audience name will open a panel, showing the filters that are used to create this audience. 

Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 16.11.37.png

How can I use the Audiences to send messages to my customers? 

You can use any of the Audience presets in your one-off emails. Simply navigate to Messages > One-off emails and click to create an email. You will see all of the audience presets available for selection. 

Screenshot 2024-03-11 at 11.59.13.png

Next steps and additional support:

As mentioned, there are several releases planned to enhance our new Audiences section, providing you with more flexibility and customisation to target your customers as desired. 

For more information about Glofox communication tools, click here.

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