One-off email report


Understanding how your customers engage with your email campaigns is key for continuously improving their results. If your emails are being opened and clicked through, that’s a great indicator that your content resonates with your audience, which is essential for driving optimal business results.

To access this report, once you’ve sent a one-off email, your sent emails will be listed in Connect > Messages > One-off emails. You can then simply click on a sent campaign to open its Insights report:


This report includes:

  • A time selector, to determine what period to analyze.
  • A download button for the whole report as CSV or XLSX files.
  • Cards with key metrics
    • Sent: the total number of clients targeted by this email
    • Delivered: the total number of clients who successfully received this email
    • Opens: the total number of clients who opened this email
    • Clicks: the total number of clients who clicked on a link within this email
    • Delivery Failed: the total number of clients for whom this email wasn’t successfully delivered

Additionally, each card's details can be further analyzed by clicking “View More”, which opens a list of clients for whom that metric is relevant. For example, the list of clients that opened the email when clicking on the “Opens” card. These lists can also be downloaded separately as CSV or XLSX files.

Lastly, the report includes a time series graph, showing the evolution of Opens and Clicks over time. You can also isolate one of the two metrics by clicking on the label, adapting the graph to focus on that single metric.

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