Removing a scheduled cancellation


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Studios and clubs regularly attempt to retain customers that are planning to terminate their membership.

In the past, if a client chose to continue their membership, admins had to go through the cumbersome process of creating a new membership. Now, you can easily remove a scheduled cancellation. This improvement streamlines operations and ensures seamless continuation of memberships, enhancing both staff and member experiences.


How to remove a scheduled cancellation

  • Navigate to your member's profile by searching for their name in the search bar, or by finding them in Manage > Clients.
  • Open the member's profile panel.
  • Navigate to the Membership tab.
  • Click on 'Actions' and select 'Remove cancellation'.

remove cancellation 1.png

Remove cancellation 2.png


Please note:

  • It will not be possible to remove a cancellation for a membership with an Add-on.
  • The cancellation can happen up to two days before the scheduled cancellation date.
  • Any planned future actions on a membership, e.g., a future pause, will be removed when the scheduled cancellation is removed and will need to be re-added.
  • You won't be able to remove a scheduled cancellation for Group memberships.
  • Only unlimited memberships are supported at this time.
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