How to Configure Your Honeywell Barcode Scanner


This article will take you through; 

  1. Configuring your Honeywell barcode scanner
  2. Re-configuring your Honeywell barcode scanner
  3. Testing your configuration 
  4. Next steps and additional support 

Configuring your Honeywell barcode scanner

Before configuring your scanner will first need to connect the scanner to your computer or laptop. For instructions on this, see pages 2-5 in the Honeywell Genesis 7580g manual. 

  1. Once the scanner has been connected to your laptop or PC, go to page 7 of the Honeywell Genesis 7580g manual and scan the USB PC Keyboard barcode
  2. Then scan the suffice code on page 10, 'Add CR Suffix'
  3. Test that the scanner is working by doing a 'Wordpad test'
  4. If it is not working, follow the steps below to re-configure the scanner

Re-configuring your Honeywell barcode scanner

There are 5 steps to re-configure your barcode scanner, each of these steps is completed from scanning a barcode, so in total, you will need to scan all 5 barcodes in order of 1-5: 






Click here, for a printable version of the barcodes for reconfiguration

Testing your configuration 

  1. Open an editor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad
  2. Plug your barcode scanner into your computer
  3. Scan a barcode 
  4. The barcode number should appear on your word editor, and the cursor should move to the line below 
  5. If the cursor does not move to the line below, you will need to re-configure your scanner

Next steps and additional support

If you need a copy of the re-configuration steps to print out to scan, click here

For additional support reach out to and we will be happy to assist you. 

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