Why did the SMS not send to my client?


There could be a few reasons why you might be seeing an error. Below are some of the common things to check:

  1. Check the phone number is correct. The phone number can include country codes, “+” and “()“ in the format. It will not accept alphabets and other signs. However, if an invalid number is provided the message will not be sent. Example: A client's phone number will not be 1234567. If they have provided this as their phone number, SMS will not be sent.
  2. Check if you are running low on your bundles.
  3. Check carrier Filtering: Filtering of your messages sent can vary between carriers and countries. Linking an additional number to your account should allow to carry the load of the SMS being sent. You will be able to see the message sent logs on the SMS tab. 
  4. If you are sending a marketing message and the client has not opted to receive them: Make sure they have opted to receive marketing on their profile tab.


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