Getting Started with Payment Processing


This article will take you through; 

  1. Glofox payment types overview
  2. Direct Debit 
  3. Card payments
  4. Account Balance
  5. Cash payments
  6. Complimentary
  7. Bank transfers
  8. Pay Later
  9. Next steps and additional support

Glofox payment types overview

Before you get started with payment processing, you need to know the types of payments Glofox can integrate with. In your Glofox account, you have several different payment methods you can use;

  • Direct Debit
  • Card 
  • Account Balance
  • Cash
  • Complimentary
  • Bank transfers
  • Pay Later

The default payment methods are set to cash and complimentary. You can view all of the available payment methods and turn them on/off in 'Settings' under the 'Payments' tab.

You can set some payment methods as 'only available to staff.' With this, you can set it, so all your clients pay with a card through the app, but your staff can process payments as cash, pay later, etc.


Direct Debit

Your clients can purchase subscription memberships with direct debits. 

A direct debit is an instruction from your client's bank to authorize payments to your facility. Direct debits are an easy way to streamline the payment process, and they ensure you are being paid on time by your clients without having to chase payments every week/month. To configure Direct Debits with GoCardless click the link below; 

Please note;

  • Due to processing times for direct debits, they can only be used for subscription purchases and custom charges in Glofox.

Card payments

Connecting to a card payment provider is a different process depending on what provider you use. The following links show you how to connect to;


Once you connect to a provider, cards will be turned on for 'Staff' and 'Clients.' You can turn these options off at any stage via the 'Payment' tab in 'Settings.' 

Like direct debits can use card payments for subscriptions and recurring memberships in addition to single memberships or products. 

Find out more about Glofox Payments here; 

 Account Balance 

'Account Balance' is a new feature that streamlines the payment process by allowing clients to put money into their account so they can use it later. It also removes the restriction where you can only process a sale if the client has money on them at the point of sale. 

For example;

  • You can process the sale of a credit pack for your client, which would then leave a negative balance on their account. Your client would then pay that balance the next time they attend your gym/studio. 
  • Or, you could allow your clients to add a monetary value to their account, which they can then use to purchase products like water or t-shirts without needing to bring their wallet with them. 

As well as that, you can also use 'Account Balance' to reward loyal clients, or even issue gift cards. Check out more on that below.

Find out more about 'Account Balance' here; 

Cash Payments

To add a cash payment to your member's profile, you can either create a custom charge or purchase the service/product and select, 'Cash' as the payment method. 

Follow this step by step guide for creating a custom charge;

If your client paid for a membership, service credits package, or product at your facility and you wish to assign it to them on the dashboard, you can select 'Cash' as the payment method;

If you would like to allow your clients to book in and pay cash at your facility, turn on the 'Pay Later option.


When you process a complimentary payment, the value will be set to 0. You can manually change the price of memberships or products on check-out to 0, or you can set memberships and products up with the value of 0. The Complimentary payment option can only be used by staff. 

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers can be used to mark payments that have been sent to you manually by a customer from their bank. To log this on their profile, you will need to create a custom charge. Read more on that here; 

Please note;

Bank transfers do not integrate with payment providers and cannot be used for recurring payment memberships.

Pay Later

When the 'Pay Later' toggle is switched on, your clients can select 'Pay Later' when they book. If they do this, a charge button will show next to their booking;

The payment process must then be completed by a member of staff upon arrival at your facility.

Your staff can also use 'Pay Later' on your client's behalf. Read more on that here; 

Next steps and additional support

Once you have your payment settings in place, you might want to take a look at your 'Transaction and Revenue Reports.' Find more information on that below; 

For additional support reach out to and we will be happy to assist you. 

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