Understanding the Revenue Report


This article will take you through;

  1. What is the Revenue Report
  2. Viewing your revenue over time
  3. How to use the comparison tools
  4. Using the View Payouts tool
  5. Next steps and additional support

What is the Revenue Report

The 'Revenue' report details the revenue that your clients have paid to you within a chosen time frame. From here you can also view scheduled income and payouts, as well as a breakdown of specific types of cash flow. 

Please note;

This report logs when your clients paid for services and products, but it doesn't include when services took place.

From the dashboard either, click on the 'Reports' tab or the 'View Full Report' under the 'Revenue' preview. From here you will get a full overview of your revenue. You can also click on the 'Report List' tab and scroll down the view 'Failed Payments' and 'Transaction' reports;


Viewing your revenue over time

There are five time-frames to choose from when analyzing your revenue;

  • Today - This option will show you today's revenue
  • 7 Days - Select a day, and the report will auto-select the seventh day
  • Month To Date - This option will show you from the first day of this month until today
  • Month - Based on a calendar month, e.g., December, you will see a drop-down to select which month you want to view
  • Custom - Choose any time frame that makes sense for your business, e.g., September 1st - December 15th


How to use the comparison tool

You have the ability to compare specific time frames of revenue with others. Simply select the date range in the drop-downs marked below in blue and orange. 

The first time frame you select (highlighted in blue) is the one that all of the revenue numbers relate to. The second time frame you choose (highlighted in orange) will be used to create the % comparison, giving further context to your revenue. 


Memberships and Credit Packs

This will show you an analysis of revenue from your 'Memberships' and 'Credit packs.' 


Classes, Courses, Appointments

This will show you a break down of revenue by 'Class,' 'Course,' 'Facility Appointment,' and 'Trainer Appointment.' 


Please note;

This report records when your client paid, so if you are looking at the seven-day report and see revenue for a Monday 8 am class, that revenue may not solely be for the class that took place on Monday at 8 am, it may also include clients that paid this week, for next week's class.

Products, Custom Charges

This will show a breakdown of revenue by 'Products' and 'Custom Charges' to see what products from your store have been the most successful in the chosen time frame. 


Using the View Payouts tool

There is a 'View Payouts' option on the far right-hand corner;


This feature allows you to view the scheduled payouts, which are on the way to your bank account via Stripe, as well as the estimated date when these payouts will arrive. 

You can also view the recently deposited payouts with this feature. 'View Payouts' will show you all payouts which have already arrived at your bank account. 

To see more information on the transactions and fees in the payout, click 'Download' on the right side next to each payout date. This will download a CSV-formatted report. 

Please note;

Only deposited Payouts may be downloaded.

When you download the CSV, open it in a spreadsheet app like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

  • You will see each transaction included in the payout. This includes money paid to you for a transaction as well as refunds. 
  • Fees and refunds are represented as negative so you can sum across the gross amount and net amount columns to get the totals for that payout.  
  • Information from the payout report is included in the transaction report to make reconciling the two easier. 

In your CSV download you will find the following columns;

  • Transaction ID: unique identifier for that transaction
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Currency
  • Type: payment, payment_refund
  • Gross Amount: the amount of the transaction 
  • Fees: this is the fee charged for the transaction
  • Net Amount: Gross Amount less Fees. This is the amount paid into your bank account
  • Payout Date: date of payout
  • Date: transaction date (in UTC zone) 
  • Time: transaction time (in UTC zone) 

Please note;

  • The figures in the 'View Payouts' section are without the transaction fees, so they will not match up with the figures you see in the Revenue Report itself, as these are gross figures.
  • This only includes payments processed via Stripe.
  • Most banks deposit payouts into your bank account as soon as they are received, though some may take a few extra days to make them available. This means you could receive the funds a couple of days after the payout date. 

Next steps and additional support

Want to know more about 'Revenu Reports'? Follow the below links for more information;

For additional support reach out to support@glofox.com and we will be happy to assist you. 

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