How to Use the Client Filters on Your Glofox Dashboard


This article will take you through;

  1. What are Client Filters?
  2. How to use the Client Filters
  3. What can you do with filtered lists?
  4. Next steps and additional support

What are Client Filters?

Whether it's rewarding your most loyal members for their 100th class or engaging at-risk members who haven't booked in the past week - Client Filters enable you to boost engagement, loyalty, and retention. To use the 'Client Filters',

  1. Go to the 'Manage' icon on your Glofox dashboard
  2. Then click the 'Client' tab' 
  3. Apply the filters using the 'Add Filters +' dropdown


How the Client Filters can help you manage your business

Below are some examples of how you might use the 'Client Filters';

  • Bookings - Highlight client's who may be at risk from churning from your gym/studio by filtering to see a list of those who haven't booked in the last ten days. This will help you re-engage them to get them back on track
  • Attendance - Reward your most loyal members by quickly and easily identifying who completed their 100th class with your studio, or who attended over ten classes in the past two weeks
  • Membership - Filter your client list based on their Membership Status: 
    • Active: Clients whose membership has a start date in the past and expiry in the future, and whose membership is not paused
    • Paused: Clients whose membership has a start date in the future, so it is inactive until then.
    • No Membership: Clients who have no membership on their account. 
  • Credits Remaining - Target clients who have only a few credits remaining, but have high booking numbers, so your team can reach out to talk to them about your gym/studios unlimited membership options
  • Home Studio - If your business is a multi-location business where members can roam, you can use the 'Home Studio' filter to focus your efforts on clients at a particular location 

Please note: Home Studio will only show up as a filter if you have roaming enabled


What can you do with filtered lists? 

Once you have applied filters to your client list, you can then download that list in a .cvs format or you can send an SMS directly to the group (If SMS is part of on your Glofox Package). 

Next steps and additional support

To learn about SMS, read the article below; 

Please note;

Client Filters' and 'SMS' are not available on all Glofox packages; for more information or to upgrade, please contact us at or reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager.

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