The Difference Between E-Agreements and Other Contracts and How to Set Them Up


This article will take you through; 

  1. What Contracts are available through Glofox
    1. E-agreements (Boosted Functionality) & Explainer Video
    2. Contracts (Base Functionality)
    3. Feature comparison Contracts vs E-agreements
    4. How to set up Contracts and E-agreements for your Gym or Studio
    5. Next steps and additional support

What Contracts are available through Glofox

E-agreements (Boosted Functionality) 

An E-agreement, also known as an Electronic Agreement, is an electronic exchange of agreements, in this case, between you and your clients. Glofox E-agreements capture the signature of documents (Waiver and Terms and Conditions) on the Dashboard, Glofox Pro, Email, and the Kiosk. In Glofox, E-agreements refer to boosted functionality Contracts.

Your client will be prompted with an E-agreement on the Kiosk, Member App or Website Portal when they log into their profile.

E-agreements cover the following Contracts: 

  • Waivers – Your clients must accept this waiver when they first register
  • Membership Terms & Conditions – Clients must accept this every time they purchase a membership

Key Features


We have added additional protection features to E-agreements with mandatory e-signatures. E-signatures can be set up on Waivers and Membership Terms and Conditions only. When setting up, these signatures will be mandatory for your Clients. Once one of these E-agreement has been signed, both you and your client will receive a copy via email, and you will also be able to access the signed agreement from the client's profile in Glofox Pro and the Dashboard.

The e-signature will also include the date of signature and a copy of the exact terms that were accepted. This can prove very useful if you dispute with a client on some of the terms they accepted.


The ability to add multiple signatures

With E-agreements, you can add as many require e-signatures as you please throughout your Contracts. This means your clients will be sure to read the entire document, and not merely scroll to the end. This also proves that a particular piece was mentioned in your Contract, giving you additional security e.g. a cancellation fee or a pause policy. 


Alerts and reminders

With E-agreements, you will also be prompted to get a signature on from the class booking list and the access tab. 


Easy access to signed agreements for both you and your Clients

Both you and your clients will have copies of these signed E-agreements accessible through the Member app and Glofox Pro.

Why upgrade to E-agreements?

With Contracts, when you sign up a new client or process a membership purchase, the client wasn't required to sign the studio waiver or membership terms & conditions with an e-signature. If anything happened to your client without these forms being signed, you would find yourself in a tricky situation of who's right and who's wrong.

We have made it a priority to streamline this process for you to ensure you and your clients are covered before engaging in any physical activity at your Gym or Studio. 

Another benefit of E-agreements is that now your Gym or Studio has a way of tracking the exact terms accepted, and on the exact date, they were accepted. This helps you and your Clients know precisely what was said without question, thus, further enhancing your legal protection. 

There are also prompts to ensure no Client is missed, easy ways to re-send forms to clients for signatures, and much more. For more information or to upgrade reach out to us at

Please note:

  • E-agreements are an add-on feature. For more information, reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager or email us at
  • E-signatures can be captured on Waivers and Terms and Conditions only. At this point, Parental waivers or Drop-in Terms and conditions are only supported with electronic acceptance and cannot be electronically signed.

Contracts (Base Functionality) 

These forms are similar to the E-agreements mentioned above, but they do not have the same functionality level. These Contracts are standard with all Glofox packages and no upgrade is required.(More on this below) 

  • Drop-In Terms & Conditions – Drop-In clients must accept this when they make their first booking
  • Parental Waiver – Parents/guardians must accept this for each child account that they set up. 

Key Features

Ability to customize templates

With Contracts and e-signature you have the ability to customize a template to suit you and your gyms specific need. 


Please note:

  • You will only see an option for 'Parental Waiver' if you have family accounts enabled. This option is only available on select Glofox packages. Please contact us at or reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager for more information or to upgrade.
  • Contracts are only accepted on the Member App, Web Portal, and Kiosk.
  • Glofox does not provide a template for terms and conditions. These are the terms and conditions between you and your clients.

Feature comparison Contracts vs E-agreements



(Limited Functionality)


(Full Functionality)

Added protection by asking your clients to agree to terms and conditions set out you before commencing classes

Ability to customize templates 

Ability to add multiple signatures 


Alerts and reminders on your booking list and access log to ensure all Clients have signed before entering your facility


Capture agreement of documents on Staff facing tools (Glofox Pro, Kiosk and via Email)


E-signatures on agreements


Send agreement confirmation to client


Easily re-send agreements to Clients from their profile or from a class to prompt a signature


Store date and time of the agreement


Store exact terms of the agreement


Easy access to signed agreements for both you and your Clients




How to set up Contracts and E-agreements for your Gym or Studio

Setting up Contracts for your gym/studio is a painless process with Glofox. To set up, follow these steps; 

  1. From the dashboard, click on the ☰ icon on the top-right corner
  2. Click 'Settings'
  3. Click on the 'Forms' tab
  4. You will see a list of available forms
  5. Click the 'click to edit' button on the form you want to edit to make your updates
  6. Once you are satisfied, click 'Save Changes.'


To set up E-agreements, follow these steps; 

  1. First, if you would like to enhance your protection with E-agreements, reach out to to get this e-signature add-on set up on your account.
  2. Next, follow the steps outlined above to set up forms for your Gym or Studio
  3. The e-signature will automatically be added to your Waiver and Membership Terms and Conditions

Next steps and additional support

To get started with E-agreements, reach out to 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.


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