Integrating Glofox With Gympass


This article will take you through;

  1. What is Gympass
  2. The Benefits of becoming a Gympass partner
  3. Integration details
  4. How to integrate Glofox with Gympass
  5. How Gympass users book into classes
  6. How Gympass users book into open gyms
  7. How Gympass users find your gym/studio
  8. How bookings show on your dashboard
  9. Next steps and additional support

What is Gympass

Gympass is a SaaS platform that enables companies to extend the fitness and wellness programs
provided to their employees. Employees of subscribing companies can use Gympass to access over
45,000 fitness facilities worldwide. Gympass also offers several direct services to the company to help ensure program success. These services include communications and reporting.

How it works

Gympass allows employees of a company signed up to Gympass; to book and access gyms and studios at a lower rate. The company the client, works for pays the difference in cost. 

Example: Glofox signs up to Gympass. Glofox employees book classes for 20% off the original price. Glofox then covers the difference.



The Benefits of becoming a Gympass partner


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New members

Gympass connects its partnered gyms with thousands of eligible employees from companies all across the UK who can use Gympass

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More income

The more Gympass members that return to the gym, the more income the gym will receive.

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No costs, only benefits!

Gyms don't pay anything, yet Gympass will expand your online presence.


Integration details

The Glofox - Gympass integration will allow prospective clients that are signed up to Gympass to choose a Gympass enabled class within your gym/studio. Your clients will be visible from the booking screen ('Home' tab). They will also show up in the class marked as 'Gympass', which will look like this; gympass_booking_screen.png

Please note:

Failure to check a Gympass member into class would mean loss of sales to your studio. This is because Glofox and Gympass use a two-way integration system. The check-in process sends a message to Gympass that a class has been used, Gympass then forwards the remaining payment balance to you.

How to integrate Glofox with Gympass

The integration with Glofox is quick and easy;

  1. To integrate Glofox with Gympass you will first become a Gympass partner. You can find more information on that here; Become a Gympass partner
  2. Gympass will email us requesting to integrate with them and will finish the set-up for you

After Gympass setup their side and us our side you will need to enable the classes you want to be shown in Gympass. To do this,

  1. From the dashboard, go to the 'Manage' tab
  2. Then the 'Classes' tab
  3. Then enable the classes you want to be shown in Gympass


How Gympass users book into classes

Gym goers using Gympass will select the studio they want to attend on the Gympass App which will then pull up the schedule. They then click ‘book’ on the class they want to attend.

  • If they have not booked with the studio before, an account will be created for them within Glofox.
  • If they have booked with the studio before, the booking is automatically made on their Glofox account. Here's how that would look;


Please note;

The end-user experience is handled on Gympass, not Glofox

How Gympass users book into open gyms

The process of booking an open gym and a class within a gym is pretty much the same. The Gympass user clicks 'Check-In' in the Gympass app. They then show as 'Pending' in the 'Access' tab on your Glofox dashboard. When they arrive at your gym/studio the Gympass will go to the front desk and a member of your staff will mark the check-in as 'Attended'. Just like the class check-in process, it is vital to click 'Attended' in order to process your payment. 

How Gympass users find your gym/studio

In the Gympass app, they go to 'Check-in'. They see studios close by and select the one they want to attend. They only attend one studio per day. They must access the gym within 30-90 minutes. This setting is dependant on the studio but in general, it's 45 mins. Here's what that would look like; 


How bookings show on your dashboard

The first time a user attends your gym/studio you won't be sent their name. You will see the user on the 'Access' tab of the dashboard as Gympass 0123456. The number will be their Gympass ID.

You should add the user's name and email and phone number to their profile on their first visit. 'Confirm' button in the Access list to let Gympass know the user attended. At this point, Gympass pays out to the studio.

Lastly, you will click 'Confirm' to before granting them access to ensure payment is processed. 


Next steps and additional support

To find out more about our available integrations, read the below articles;

For additional support, reach out to and we will be happy to assist you. 

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