How to Set up and Use the Store


This article will take you through;

  1. What is the Store?
  2. How to add products to the Store
  3. How to add a gift card to the store using Account Balance
  4. How to purchase something from the store
  5. Marking a purchased product as collected
  6. Next steps and additional support

What is the Store?

The 'Store' is a shopping cart solution that allows you to manage and sell products from your gym/studio to your clients. It's built into your clients 'Member app' or 'Standalone App' and can also be used to sell products directly from your dashboard. The 'Store' is a great way to boost revenue. 

All purchases are tracked in the dashboard so you can analyze the performance of each item, see a breakdown of revenue, give incentives to staff to push add-on sales and mark items that have been collected by clients. 

Please note;

The 'Store', 'Member App' and 'Standalone App' are not available on all Glofox packages; for more information or to upgrade, please contact us at or reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager.

The Store is not available on the Web Portal

How to add products to the Store

To add a new product to the 'Store', follow these steps; 

  1. Navigate to the 'Manage' icon and click 'Store'
  2. Click the '+Add' button in the top right corner to add your product
  3. Choose the category that your product falls under
  4. Give your product a name, description, and image
  5. Select whether the product is private or not.
    • Please Note: If the 'Private' option is selected, the product will not appear for sale in the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App'. However, you will be able to sell the product at the front desk or over the phone via the dashboard
  6. Select whether you would like to list the product as 'Featured' or not. 'Featured' products appear first in your 'Store'


How to add variants of products to the Store

If the product you are selling is available in different sizes, lengths, colors, flavors, etc. you can create these product variants. To do that, follow these steps; 

  1. Navigate to the 'Variants' tab, located beside the details tab you are currently in
  2. Enter the first product variant's name e.g., 'Organic Green Tea – with Lemon'
  3. Enter the stock quantity/inventory, wholesale price, and retail price
  4. To create a second variant, click the '+Add' button located beside the first variant you created and a new box will then appear underneath
  5. Enter the name for your second variant e.g., 'Organic Green Tea – with Mint'
  6. Enter the stock quantity, wholesale price, and retail price
  7. Once you have added all variants of your product, click 'Save'

How to change the stock quantity of a product in the Store

To change the quantity of stock available for a particular item, follow these steps; 

  1. From the dashboard, go to the 'Manage' icon and click 'Store' 
  2. Open the product in question and switch to the 'Variants' tab
  3. Select the 'Advanced' button located beside the save and delete button. Once this has been selected, an option called 'Stock Quantity' will appear
  4. Enter the stock quantity and click 'Save'

Please note;

The store will automatically change the quantity of stock as the products sell. For example, if you have 2 hats in stock and sell one, the new quantity shown will be 1

How to add a gift card to the store using Account Balance (Beta)

You can use 'Account Balance' to add a gift card value to clients' accounts. This is how that process might look;

  1. You set up a gift card in your store just like any other product
  2. A client purchases a gift card directly from you at your gym/studio and you add the purchase to their account from the dashboard. Alternatively, the client can purchase the gift card from the 'Store' on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App' *
  3. The client that purchased the gift card will receive a unique 'Purchase Code' and will share that number with the person they are purchasing the gift card for **
  4. The client that received the gift card will then present the gift card information or the hard copy of the gift card to you when they want to redeem it. (You can verify the purchase via the 'Store' tab on your dashboard)
  5. Once you verify the purchase, you can hit 'Mark as Collected' 
  6. Now you can top up the receiving clients 'Account Balance' with the value of the gift card so they can redeem it against products and services. Make sure to use the 'Complimentary' method of payment so you don't charge the receiver with the value, as this has already been paid for by the purchasing client. 

*Most gyms/studios will have their own hard copies gift cards which they will share with clients after they purchase one from them. If you have hard copies of gift cards, you can write the 'Purchase Code' down on the hard copy to make it easier to track. 

**If the receiving client doesn't have an account, you will need to set one up for them. 

More on setting up 'Clients' and 'Account Balance' here; 

Please note;

Be aware that it is possible to put 'Account Balance' into a negative balance, so if the client doesn't have enough money on their 'Account Balance' from the gift card to purchase, you must communicate that with them before placing them in a negative balance.

How to purchase something from the Store

Purchasing products from the 'Store' on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App' 

Making a purchase from your 'Store' on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App' is easy.

  1. Once your client has logged in, they will see a 'Store' symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of their screen
  2. Tell them to click this and select the item they want to purchase
  3. Change the quantity if needed
  4. Click 'Purchase' 


As well as clients being about to use the 'Member App' and 'Standalone App' to make purchases on the store, admins on the system can also sell items through the dashboard using 'Global Search'. Just follow these steps;

Searching for a client to purchase a product for

  1. Search for the client's name
  2. Select the Book/Buy button on the client you want to purchase for
  3. Search the class, course, appointment, memberships or product you want to purchase
  4. Select 'Buy for/Book for' and choose the payment method
  5. Select 'Proceed with Transaction'

You can also do this the other way and search for the product first and then the client.



Please note;

All results in Global Search will appear alphabetically. If you are unable to see a client's name in your search, be sure to select the 'View more clients' option at the bottom right of the results panel.

Purchases made by Credit Card will receive an email receipt to the email address provided on their member profile.

Purchase receipts can be enabled from Connect > Messages > turning on the setting for these email receipts. 

Clients can purchase an item by pressing the store icon on the 'Member App' or 'Standalone App'. Members can choose to pay by card or to 'Pay Later' at the facility if this option has been set up.

Marking a purchased product as 'Collected' 

Once you verify a purchase, you can hit 'Mark as Collected'. This will help you keep track of who has received their products and who haven't. 


Next steps and additional support

To find out more about the Revenue Report, read the below article; 

To upgrade to our Glofox Gold or Platinum package or for additional support, reach out to or reach out to your Glofox Onboarding Manager.

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