What are the Lead Statuses Within Glofox


This article will take you through;

  1. What is a Lead?
  2. What are the Lead statuses?
  3. Next steps and additional support

What is a Lead?

In Glofox a 'Lead' is a potential client that has expressed interest in attending your gym/studio. They will have expressed interest in one of the following ways; 

  1. They will input their details to the 'Lead Capture Form' from a link you shared or from searching and finding your website themselves 
  2. They will drop in or ring you enquiring about your gym/studio and you will input their details manually


Please note:

The 'Lead' status feature is part of the Sales and Marketing add-on. For more information or to upgrade please contact us at support@glofox.com

What are the Lead statuses?

There are three separate stages that a lead may go through with your gym/studio. We call these the 'Lead' statuses. 

The 'Lead' status is a way for you and your team to target leads at different stages of their journey. Your clients won't have visibility of their status.

Below is a list of those statuses and what they mean; 

  • Lead: When you have a new sign-up, who doesn't initially sign up for a trial or full membership, they will have the status of 'Lead'.
  • Trial: When a client with a status of 'Lead' or 'Cold' gets a 'Trial Membership' (whether you apply it to their account, or they get it themselves via the app or web portal), their status will automatically be updated to 'Trial'.
  • Cold: The 'Cold' status is the only one that requires manual interaction from you to apply this status to a lead. It is a way for you and your team to mark someone as not needing a follow-up as you're satisfied that they aren't interested. It is a way that you can remove those who aren't interested so that you can focus on those who are interested!

Please note:

Even if a client is marked as 'Cold', they will still be able to book classes, sign up to a trial, get started with a membership, etc. 

Next steps and additional support

Next, you should learn how to use the 'Traffic Light System' to target 'Leads'. Read the below article for more information on this; 

Interested in our Sales and Marketing add-on or need additional support? Reach out to support@glofox.com, and we will be happy to assist you.  

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