How to Use the Lead Conversion Report


This article will take you through; 

  1. What is the Lead Conversion Report?
  2. How to use the Lead Conversion Report
  3. How to locate your Lead Conversion Report
  4. Next steps and additional support

What is the Lead Conversion Report?

Your 'Lead Conversion Report' is one of the key reports that help you monitor the performance of your gym/studio. It gives you insights into; 

  • How effective your gym/studio is at generating new 'Leads'
  • It helps you evaluate the quality of those 'Leads' to ensure they are attending your gym/studio after creating an account
  • It helps you monitor the effectiveness of your gym/studio at bringing clients through the journey of being a 'Lead' to successfully converting them to paying members

The Lead Conversion Report is all about the 'Leads' you acquire within in a specific timeframe and tracking their journey to successfully becoming a member up to today, or identifying at what stage they dropped off. 


How to use the Lead Conversion Report

The 'Lead Conversion Report' is easy to use and gives you the option to view by set dates or custom dates. 


The stages in your Lead Conversion funnel

  1. Leads Acquired/Created: Get insights into how good your marketing campaigns are at generating new 'Leads'. Whether it’s trying out a new signup form, or investing money social media advertising. With the 'Lead Conversion Report,' you can track the total number of 'Leads' that you generate during a selected timeframe. If your 'Leads' drop off, check out who you are targeting, or try different types of trials to improve the conversion of 'Leads' to the next stage. Also, ensure that you are using the 'Lead Capture Form' so that 'Leads' are not dropping off due to uncertainty on where to find your 'Trial' offers.
  2. Signed up for Trial: This is your first chance to do a sense check on the quality of the 'Leads' you are acquiring. If 'Leads' are dropping off before signing up for a 'Trial', it may be an indicator that the 'Leads' you are generating are not high value 'Leads' that have the potential to be converted to paying members. If your 'Leads' drop off at this point, check if they are making a booking and not showing up, in which case, it may be useful to send a reminder SMS or give them a phone call ahead of their first class to get them excited. If they aren’t booking, then why not send a bulk SMS to all 'Leads' matching this filter to prompt them to get to the next stage.
  3. Active Trial: The active trial metric lets you know how many 'Leads' actually turn up at the gym/studio and attend a class. If your 'Leads' drop off at this point, ensure to speak with trialers about your memberships options when they are at your gym/studio. You might want to motivate your trainers to have these conversations and track sales attribution to reward them for sales made.
  4. Converted This is the number of the leads who you acquired in the selected timeframe that has gone on to be a client/member. 

How to Locate Your Lead Conversion Report

To access the 'Lead Conversion Report' follow these steps;

  1. From the dashboard, go to the 'Reports' icon
  2. Under 'Memberships' on the left-hand side, you will see the report 'Lead Conversion' 


Next steps and additional support

Once you understand the 'Lead Conversion Report', you might want to learn about filtering 'Leads' to send targeted messages. Read more on this below; 

For information on the Sales and Marketing tools or to upgrade contact your Glofox Onboarding Manager or email 

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