How to Sell Gift Cards Using Account Balance (Beta)


This article will take you through; 

  1. How to add a Gift Card using Account Balance
  2. Next steps and additional support

How to add a Gift Card using Account Balance

You can now sell Gift Cards with ease using Account Balance. This is how that process might look;

  1. You set up a gift card in your store (Click here to learn more about adding products)
  2. A client purchases a gift card directly from you at your gym/studio and you add the purchase to their account from the dashboard. Alternatively, the client can purchase the gift card from the 'Store' on the 'Member App'. *
  3. The client that purchased the gift card will receive a unique 'Purchase Code' and will share that number with the person they are purchasing the gift card for. **Gift_Card_Purchase_Code.gif
  4. The client that received the gift card will then present the gift card information or the hard copy of the gift card to you when they want to redeem it. (You can verify the purchase via the 'Store' tab on your dashboard)
  5. Once you verify the purchase, you can hit 'Mark as Collected' Mark_as_Collected.gif
  6. Now you can top up the receiving clients 'Account Balance' with the value of the gift card so they can redeem it against products and services. Make sure to use the 'Complimentary' method of payment so you don't charge the receiver with the value, as this has already been paid for by the purchasing client. Account_baance_comp.gif

Please note;

*Most gyms/studios will have their own hard copies gift cards which they will share with clients after they purchase one from them. If you have hard copies of gift cards, you can write the 'Purchase Code' down on the hard copy to make it easier to track. 

**If the receiving client doesn't have an account, you will need to set one up for them.

To find out more about Account Balance and how to use it, read the below article; 

Please note:

Be aware that it is possible to put 'Account Balance' into a negative balance, so if the client doesn't have enough money on their 'Account Balance' from the gift card to purchase, you must communicate that with them before placing them in a negative balance.

Next steps and additional support

Once you have Account Balance figure out, you will likely want to monitor 'Transaction and Payout reports. Read the article below for more information; 

For additional support, reach out to [email protected], and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • Hi there, this process seems straight forward, but it would seem that after you add the complimentary amount to the recipients account, that they can't see it on there and therefore have to contact us anyway? Is this correct or am I missing something? Thank you for your help

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