What are Payouts?


Payouts are the deposits of the revenue that you have processed through Glofox, which will be made available in your bank account. They make up the total amount of money you've processed through card payments, minus any processing fees. 

You will also see a breakdown of projected revenue that is due to come into your business. 


You can also download these reports to see more information. The download shows each transaction included in the payout including refunds. Fees and refunds are represented as negative so you can sum across the gross amount and net amount columns to get the totals for that payout. For partial refunds, the amount refunded is reflected in the ‘Gross Amount’ and ‘Net Amount’ columns not the original transaction amount.  

Information from the payout report is included in the transaction report to make reconciling the two easier. Read more on the transactions report here;

Please note;

  • These reports are for Stripe payouts only
  • The delay between you processing the payment with your client, and it being available in your bank account varies depending on your country

Having trouble? Reach out to support@glofox.com and we can help.

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