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This glossary describes the key concepts and terminology used throughout our products and is a good place to get started learning how to set up and use the system.

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An automated clearinghouse is an electronic network for financial transactions, generally domestic low-value payments. These payments are commonly referred to as Direct Debits outside of the US. 


A staff member with unrestricted access to the dashboard. Usually, a manager or the owner of a gym or studio will be set up as an Admin. 


Periods of time created in the schedule of a Trainer or a Facility which can be booked by a client via the Member App or Website Portal, or by a staff member from the dashboard or Glofox Pro on behalf of the client

Automatic Push Notification

A Push Notification that is sent automatically as a result of a trigger set up in your dashboard. 



Book a Friend 

A feature that allows clients to use their Service Credits or to pay in advance for an additional friend. 

Booking Window

A set period of hours, days or weeks before a Class, Appointment or Facility Rental when they are bookable by clients 



Calendar View

This is the view of all the combined service schedules in the dashboard. Available in a daily, weekly and monthly view.

Cancellation Period

The period by which a member can cancel attendance for a service without having to pay or use a Service Credit.

Cancellation Rules

The rules for when a client can cancel attendance for a service without having to pay or use a Service Credit. 


The maximum amount of spaces available for booking in a Class, Course or Appointment. 


An action was taken by a Staff Member to record that a client has attended their gym or studio or has attended a specific Class, Course or Appointment.

Check-in Barcode

A barcode used with a scanner to check in and record that a client has attended their gym or studio or has attended a specific Class, Course or Appointment.


A group exercise service created by the gym or studio with a particular start date, time, facility, trainer and capacity that can be booked by clients on an ad-hoc basis without a long term commitment.

Class / Course Categories

Categories are used to group Classes or Courses together based on similarities e.g. by class type (cardio vs kettlebells).


Sometimes called a boot camp, event, or workshop, a Course is a group activity created by the Gym or Studio with a particular Start Date, End Date, Facility, Trainer and Capacity that can be booked by Members and usually requires a longer-term commitment than a Class.

Custom Charge

A once-off charge for a Member that is not related to a particular Service or Membership.




Glofox user interface that users log into to manage their Gym or Studio. 


 A platinum feature which allows clients to customize terminology on the dashboard  

Direct Debit

An arrangement made with a bank that allows a third party to transfer money from a person's account on agreed dates, typically in order to pay bills. This is commonly referred to as an ACH in the US. 

Drop-In Client  A Client who is not on a Membership or Service Credit Pack and chooses to pay a drop-in rate for Services. This is the default setting for new Leads and Clients that are added to the business.

Drop-in Rate

 The rate charged for Services to Drop in Clients.




Determines whether a particular Membership type is eligible to attend a Service. 

Email Notifications

A notification that is sent to Clients from the Gym or Studio’s dashboard via email.

Enable bookings

An option when selected that creates a Schedule for Trainers and Facilities to allow bookings by Clients 

 End Date

 The date that a particular Service will end and no longer be available for Clients to book. 


 Events are Classes or Courses which occur in the Schedule.

 Expiry Date

 The date that a Membership or Service Credit expires.



Facebook Call to Action

A button on a Facebook Business page which allows Users to link directly to the business Web Portal. 

Facebook Pixel integration

The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions that people take on your website. The Glofox integration with pixel will allow you to track visits and conversions on your website (timetable, membership page, etc.)


A location at a Gym or Studio where Services like Classes or Courses are offered.





App Barcode

Barcodes that are automatically created in the Member App. This barcode is unique to the client and made up of the digits of their mobile number. App Barcodes can be used to check a Client into the gym or studio or into a class.






The level is the measure of difficulty relating to a  Class or Course for a Client, eg Beginners, Advanced, All Levels.



Member App

A custom semi-branded mobile app is available on iOS and Android for your Clients to download. From the Member App, Clients can book and pay for Classes, Courses, Appointments, and Memberships. They can also purchase your products through your very own Member App Store.

Member App Store

A store that is set up on your dashboard and hosted on your Member App so Clients can purchase products from you.


Clients of a  Gym or Studio that have signed up to a Membership.  


A package that entitles the member to avail of particular Services Memberships can be set up as Recurring Payments or Single Payments and can have Unlimited or Restricted services

Membership Start Date

The date that a Membership commences.



News Articles

News Articles are written by you via the News tab of the dashboard. These articles then populate in the News Feed on the Member App. From here, clients can also stay up to date with the Studios updates e.g. Opening hours for an upcoming bank holiday.

News Feed

An area of the Member App where your blog posts, articles, and motivational stories will populate. These News Articles are composed in the News tab on the dashboard. 




Payment Frequency

Payment Frequency is the frequency in which a payment will occur. e.g. Once/Single, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.  


A payment plan relating to Memberships which determines the price, frequency, what services Members can avail of, and when they agree to pay for that Membership. 


Studios have the option to set any of their Services or Products to 'Private'. This means that the product or service in question will not be made available to book or purchase through your Member App or Website Portal but can be sold by a member of Staff to a Client via the dashboard 

Product Variant

Product variants are used when you have multiple versions of the same product. e.g. You might sell different colors of the same yoga mat or have different sizes in a t-shirt


Items that are sold to Clients through the Member App Store, or by a Staff member via the dashboard.

Push Notification

A short in-app message displayed on the home screen via the Member App 





A Reception has slightly restricted access to the Dashboard. They can book Clients into any class, edit Client profiles, send our Communications. However, they cannot view the reporting section or edit any settings, this includes the Business Settings, Class settings, and Memberships settings

Recurring Membership  A 'Recurring Membership' also known as a 'Subscription' is a membership that continuously repeats for a duration set by you, for example, daily, weekly or monthly. The client authorizes the first payment via a debit card or credit card, and the payment is repeated thereon.

Recurring Payment

A Recurring Payment is the payment plan associated with a Recurring Membership  An automatic payment to your Studio from a Member and is continuously repeated for a duration set by you, for example, daily, weekly or monthly. The client authorizes the first payment via a debit card or credit card, and the payment is repeated thereon.

Report Builder

Where Custom Reports on key performance metrics can be created and saved.

Report List

A list of all your saved reports. Once a report is created in the Report Builder, you have the option to save it. If you choose to save your report, it will be moved to the Report List.

Restricted Service Membership 

A Membership or Service Credit Pack that has limitations as to which services can be booked under that plan.

Retail Price

The price at which you will sell your product. The product will be listed at this price in your Member App.




The days and times that your Classes Courses and Appointments occur

Service Credit History

A record of how a Client has used Service Credits. This information is available from the Client profile via the dashboard. 

Service Credits

Booking credits that relate to a particular service offered by the Studio, i.e. Classes, Courses, and Appointments. 


The Classes, Courses or Appointments that your  Studio offers.

Single Payment

A one-time payment. This is the payment plan for Single Memberships, they will not reoccur automatically.


Stock Quantity

The number of a particular product that is available to be sold.


A platform on the Member App for Studios  to sell products,  

Strike System

'Strike' is a system where you can apply Strikes to a Client's account when they book in for a Class but do not show up. After a number of no shows defined by you e.g. 3, you can block the member from booking in for the class. They will then need to get in touch with you where you can remove their Strikes at your discretion. 


A trusted and secure payment processing company used by Glofox that integrates with your business so that you can take payments via your Member App and Website Portal.



Terms and Conditions

Studios have the ability to create terms and conditions related to the Services they offer. There are three categories of Terms and Conditions: 1) Waivers. 2) Payment Terms 3) First Class Booking Rules


Staff members who instruct classes, appointments, or courses at your StudioTrainers can also be set up to take Appointment bookings.

Trainer User

Those allocated with the User role of Trainer solely have access to viewing the classes they are assigned to. Trainers can book members into their class and post-class news and updates, however, they are unable to edit member profiles or settings.



Unlimited Services Plan

Under a Membership that is marked as having an "Unlimited Services Plan", the member can book any Class / Facility / Trainer.

Upfront Fee 

An Upfront Fee, also known as a registration fee or joining fee is an additional, optional fee which is charged to Clients  when they first sign up to a new Recurring Membership


The different categories of User roles that are provided access to the business' Dashboard. There are three categories of Users, Trainer, Reception, and Admin.




Waiting List

Once enabled under 'settings', the waiting list for your Class or Course will be activated when it hits Capacity. If a member goes to book the class/course that is full, they will be prompted to join the waiting list. When a cancellation is made, the waiting member will be automatically booked in for the class.


A 'tick the box' T&Cs form that may be completed online through your Member App or Website Portal, eliminating the need for paper files. Your members agree to these terms and conditions prior to using your service 

Website Portal

A portal for members to view, book and pay for your Services directly from your website. We design this portal based on your brand so that it integrates seamlessly with your current website.

Website Portal Embed Code

This is the piece of code used to connect your Website Portal with your Website. The code can be found in the 'Go Live' section of your Dashboard.

Website Portal Embedding

This is the process of connecting your Website with your Website Portal for booking and payments. It is completed by inserting a piece of code onto your website.

Wholesale Price

The price (per unit) at which the Product was purchased from the wholesaler.





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