The Ultimate Guide to Effective Lead Acquisition


This article will take your through; 

  1. Most effective lead acquisition channels
  2. Capture Leads with Glofox' Web Portal
  3. Get the most from your Member App Experience
  4. Next steps and additional support

The most effective lead acquisition channels

Social Media

There is some debate on the effectiveness of Social Media as a lead acquisition channel, but with enough preparations and an effective social media marketing strategy, Social Media can be highly effective in bringing in new leads. 

The first task to set yourself should be the identify the right social media channels for your business. There are so many out there to choose from, but not all of them will be relevant to your brand. When selecting which channels to share and advertise on, consider the following; 

  • Who is your usual customer?
  • What age are they?
  • Are they predominately male or female?
  • What are there interests outside of your fitness services? 


General social media usage breakdown by demographic; 

  • Millenials – 90.4%
  • Gen X – 77.5%
  • Baby boomers – 48.2%

Once you've decided on the platforms, you then need to decide on an approach. Gather your Marketing budget and start planning. You have two options, paid and organic, both of which serve a different purpose.

Paid social media campaigns can attract and engage high-quality leads, target specific audiences and convert more sales. Organic social media posts can help you build an audience that you can connect with regularly and will help you drive home your brand values and company ethos. 

For more information on Social Media Marketing, read our blogs and articles;

Your Website

Another effective Lead Aquisition source is your website. Your website should tell your audience everything they need to know about you, from how to contact you, what classes you have on offer, opening hours, company values, etc. 

As with social media, you can direct ads to your website via social media or digital ad campaigns, but you can also pull in leads organically by having a good set up. The more quality content you have on your website or blog, the more opportunities you will create for organic traffic to come your way. 

Some things to keep in mind when designing your website; 

  • Ensure the design is on-brand
  • Complete a customer journey map
  • Add high-quality imagery and video
  • Make sure the site is easy to navigate
  • Ensure your Google listing is up to date and in line with your website
  • Add clear CTA's (Glofox Web Portal

To ensure your website is effectively set up for lead conversion reach out to us at

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Capture Leads with Glofox' Web Portal

The Glofox Website Portal is a powerful way to showcase your Schedule and Memberships and it's a great place to process payments directly from your website but the most exciting feature of the web portal is the Lead Capture Form. The Lead Capture Form will capture key information from your clients and automatically add them to the 'Leads' tab of your Glofox Dashboard, regardless if they complete a booking or not.


Social Booking Links

Another great feature of the Web Portal is the ability to share links to specific pieces of information like an underperforming class to encourage more signups. These links can be shared anywhere but are most effective on social media channels like Instagram, by inserting booking links in your bio or using the 'See More' link on stories.  

Top tip! Use Rebrandly to shorten URLs to further heighten the leads’ booking experience.

Effective Lead Aquisition Webinar

For more information on Lead Aquisition Strategies, watch the following webinar; 


Next steps and additional support

 To learn more about the topics featured in this article, continue to the following links; 

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