How to Unpause a Membership


This article will take you through; 

  1. Pausing Memberships
  2. How to modify a pause on a Membership
  3. Next steps and additional support

Pausing Memberships

A Pause on a Membership is the action of pausing a member's access and payments for a period. Pause is sometimes referred to as a hold, freeze or suspend. 

You may need to Pause some of your memberships due to the outbreak of COVID-19, a holiday, or an injury. We've made that process as easy as possible for you. Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to bulk Pause Memberships so this process will have to be completed manually.

For more information on pausing various Membership types, visit this article; 

Please note;

Currently, the only membership types that can be paused are recurring memberships. This includes both a regular recurring membership and service credit packs that have been set to recur. Single & restricted memberships cannot be paused at this time.

How to modify a pause on a Membership

There may be times when you need to modify the pause duration, for example, your member might return earlier than expected from a trip or your gym might re-open from a closure. This is often known as 'unpause'. Or, your Member might want to extend their pause to a date in the future. 

Previously, you were able to change the date a member returned from a pause, but this didn’t affect the payment schedule. Now, by modifying the pause duration, you can also ensure the payment dates are updated.

Please note;

You cannot modify a pause to finish 'today', the earliest the member can return from a modified pause is tomorrow. So in other words the last Paused day will be today and the Membership will Unpause tomorrow.

To modify a pause, follow these steps; 

  1. Search for your member using Global Search or via the 'Client' tab
  2. On their profile, click 'Membership'
  3. Click on the ‘Modify Pause Duration’ button
  4. Input the new start date and click 'Save' 


Please note:

You cannot modify a Pause duration on the following Memberships;
  • Restricted Memberships 
  • Single Memberships - Single Memberships have no recurring payments, therefore, cannot be paused or unpaused
  • Memberships that charge from the 1st of the month - These Memberships are charged pro-rata, therefore, cannot be paused or unpaused 

Next steps and additional support

To find out more about 'Memberships' read the articles below; 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • We have had problems with the pause/unpause features for over 2 years now (people coming from a pause losing credits, people not being charged correctly, etc). I think that you have worked through most of the bugs but we stopped using that feature because it was adding so much work to our staff.

    Now, with COVID-19, I assume like many others, members asked to put their membership on "hold". I do not understand why this is implemented in such a non conventional way.

    If a member he X number of days before renewal and Y number of credits in their account (or any other privileges that come with the membership), you click a "PAUSE" button and now the member is "non-member" until we click the "UNPAUSE" button. Once you click the "UNPAUSE", the member will again have the same status resumed (X days until renewal and Y credits left).

    Instead, you implemented something way more complex that is supposed to be more general (with a date to resume) but for some reason that escapes me, does not include the simple case I mentioned above. If I now pause and then immediately after "undo" it (by setting the date to "today")... it does not go back to the original status and I need to cancel the membership and make a note to myself in a calendar to start the membership in some future date? Does that seem logical to you? I am very curious to understand the case you built all this around.

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  • Hello Amir, thank you for reaching out. I'll forward your suggestions to our development team. In the meantime, we've put together some Pause tutorials for various scenarios which might be of benefit to you, you can find those here: You can also direct your comments and any additional questions to and a member of our support team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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  • Speaking to the point that Amir makes here: You really need to let us "unpause" immediately, and return the members status to what it was pre-pause. Now I need to do some weird runaround in order for the member to be able to come back to training today.

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  • kjetil, I cannot believe that its been 3 years and still no simple pause/unpause.

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  • Amen, brother. Our list of requested fixes for obvious flaws in the software which we have been waiting on for more than a year is a long and depressing read. This one is a perfect example: "Great news! We've implemented a pause function!" Yes you did, but why is it set up in a totally unintuitive way nobody asked for which doesn't cover our actual needs?

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