How to Run Live Workout Streams With Zoom


This article will take you through; 

  1. How to continue offering your regular schedule during closures
  2. How to set up remote classes on Glofox
  3. How to download Zoom
  4. How to make your stream look professional
  5. How to use Zoom
  6. How to communicate the change to your clients
  7. Next steps and additional support

How to continue offering your regular schedule during closures

COVID-19 is having a major impact on businesses across the globe, and it has been particularly difficult for Gyms and Studios to retain their clients due to forced closures. Here at Glofox, we have always been 100% committed to helping you grow your business, and that isn’t going to stop now. Right now our team is coming up with new ways for you to adapt and thrive during these unsettling times. 

One of the best ways for you to retain clients is to offer classes and PT sessions remotely. By allowing your Clients to continue on their fitness journey you will hopefully avoid losing revenue and possibly even extend your reach as more and more people are looking for ways to replace their usual gym routine and some are just looking for ways to fill up their newfound free time. 


To ensure your clients are getting the full value for their membership, you should also include some bonus content for them, whether that's a live Q&A session after each workout, nutritional advice or healthy recipes, blog posts, daily challenges, etc. Adding value is much better than decreasing the cost, and you should do this whenever possible. For more tips on Client Retention, read the following article; 

If you are a little more open to the possibility of non-members accessing your content. You could also opt for YouTube or YouTube Live sessions. These have their own benefits, the most important being that our Member App has been designed to host YouTube videos which can look really slick and also, you can share the link to everyone via social media, emails, Push Notifications, SMS, etc. which can significantly boost engagement.

The only downside to this option is that you are now offering this content for free. Past members, or clients on credit packs, etc. can jump in and see the content on the News section of their app as well as anyone you’ve shared the link with. This can make it difficult to retain those on pricey memberships. More information on Youtube videos can be found in the following article: 

How to set up remote classes on Glofox

Set up email automation and make classes private

First, you should turn on the automatic Message (Email) that confirms class bookings, so you can be notified of attendees. This is so you can email them the Zoom link directly prior to the class session starting to ensure that your class only goes to those that signed up. 

Please note;

if you are going to edit classes instead of creating new ones, make sure to take note of anyone who may have already signed up to the class, as their email won’t arrive in your inbox if you set this up after the fact. You should also reach out to these attendees personally to let them know of the changes to switch remote.

  1. From your dashboard, go to the ‘Manage’ tab 
  2. Then go to the ‘Connect’ tab 
  3. Then go the the ‘Messages’ tab
  4. Then click ‘Edit’ on the ‘Booking Confirmation’ Message
  5. This message confirms the class booking to your client so you can edit it to suit
  6. You also need to ‘Cc’ yourself so you receive a list of emails that you will then send the Zoom link to

Alternatively, you can download a list of class attendees or appointment attendees 15/20 minutes before the class starts and email them the link that way. 

Edit the Class to reflect changes

Next up, you need to either edit the existing class schedule to inform your clients of how the Zoom classes will be delivered. (We also highly recommend sending your clients regular updates on your plans of how you’re handling the COVID-19 outbreak and included a message about switching to remote workouts) Check out some useful email templates here: 

  • COVID-19 Email Templates for Your Clients
  1. On the homepage of the dashboard, click the ‘Calendar’ tab
  2. Select the classes you want to edit
  3. The Class slideout will appear, click ‘Edit this Event’
  4. Enter the details of your Live Remote Workout and let them know to expect an email with the workout link ‘x’ minutes before the class starts

This can also be done from Glofox Pro by going to the class or appointment you want to edit, clicking ‘Actions’ and then ‘Edit this event’

Please note: To follow this process for PT appointments, simply email or call the client attending and let them know about your remote workouts and the added value you will be offering, then send them a link.

How to download Zoom 

If you have decided to go down the route of continuing your class and personal training schedule as normal, without effecting your rates. We suggested using Zoom. Zoom is a remote conference software, which has the ability to go into webinar mode. This will allow you to easily host live online sessions, and share them with your client via private link. 

To do this, you will first need to select a Zoom package. Head over to their pricing page for more information on attendee limits, video lengths, etc. and select a package that suits your needs. We highly recommend opting for a package that includes Webinars as these are the best way to facilitate a class, alternatively, you would use the standard Conference option. 

Their packages start from $0 per month and go up to approx $20 per month. However, they usually offer a 30-day trial before committing to a payment plan which might be enough to get you by until you re-open. 


Once you have a Zoom log-in take some time to get familiar with the layout. Host some test sessions with fellow staff members and practice your camera presence. We’ll talk more about this a little later. To host a remote live session in the most streamlined way, follow these steps; 

How to make your stream look professional

Once you set up your email notifications and edit the relevant classes, you then need to work on your content. Before you jump into recording, make sure you have a good set up. Here are our top tips to make your content look professional; 

  • Make sure you have plenty of light. If you don’t have access to good lighting try using natural light whenever possible. You should test this out before going live to ensure you have no harsh shadows or dark spots. 
  • Use a clean background. Your setting should be deliberate, avoid having any clutter and try to have your logo showing somewhere. 
  • Audio is important, invest in a lapel microphone to enhance quality
  • Practice! As this is live you want to minimize any mistakes you might make by practicing first and working on your camera presence. Record a test and get some feedback from colleagues
  • Plan your session in advance, going Adhoc can cause awkward moments and can come across messy and unprofessional

How to use Zoom

To set up a standard conference on Zoom, follow these steps;

  1. Once you’re ready to go, log-in to Zoom and select ‘My Account’
  2. From here you will see a bar on the left-hand side, from this list select ‘Meetings’ and the option to schedule a meeting will be shown on a button. 
  3. You can select a date, time and give your meeting a title i.e. Passion Fitness Sunday Sweat
  4. You can then generate a link to share with your participants (Note that these meetings can run for a maximum of 40 minutes with up to 100 participants on the standard package, so you will need to upgrade if you want them to run longer)
  5. We recommend recording the session so it can be shared again at a later date

If your Zoom plan includes webinars then follow these steps;

  1. Log-in to Zoom and select ‘My Account’
  2. From here you will see a bar on the left-hand side, from this list select ‘Meetings’ and the option for ‘Webinars’. (Again, you can schedule a webinar and similar to above you pick a day, time and title for your Webinar session)
  3. Here you can also decide whether or not registration is required - This is useful so that you can keep track of attendance and mark it against those who have signed up via your app. 
  4. You also have the opportunity to record your workout using Zoom, ready to be shared again at a later date

Please note;

  • There have been some recent updates to Zoom's terms of service. If your attendees are joining via a meeting link, there will be no change to their joining experience. For attendees who join meetings by manually entering a Meeting ID, they will need to enter a password to access the meeting.
  • The 'Waiting Room' feature will also be turned on by default. This means you will need to grant access to your members as they arrive at your live workout class. This also means you will need to continuously check for latecomers in the 'Waiting Room' after the class starts. To avoid this, you can log in to Zoom and go to Meetings > Meeting Options > Edit Meeting > Toggle of Waiting RoomScreenshot_2020-04-09_at_11.31.37.pngAlternativley, you can change the 'Waiting Room' setting during your meeting by clicking, 'Security' and toggling off 'Enable Waiting Room'
  • Screenshot_2020-04-09_at_12.00.59.png

How to communicate the changes to your Clients

It’s important to notify your clients well in advance of changes to ensure they have time to adjust their plans as well as giving them an opportunity to opt-out if they wish. This will help you avoid any disgruntled clients. 

You can do this via email, Push, SMS and Social Media. Social media and email marketing are also a great way to possibly increase your reach and grow your business. A top tip for this is to increase your class sizes whilst working remotely, but still give out a sense of urgency that classes are filling up. For more information on increasing class capacity, read the following article;

For more information on communicating with your Clients, read the following articles; 

Next steps and additional support

For more tips on managing your business during this time, check out our COVID-19 Resources page: 

For additional support, reach out to, and we will be happy to assist you.

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