Gympass: Can I use Instagram Live for Live Workout Streaming?


There are some barriers on Instagram Live that make it difficult to use for Live Workout Streaming. For example, there isn’t a direct link to a live Instagram stream, the link would direct to your profile. It’s also really hard to make an Instagram Live stream, private. 

To create a private stream you would need to add your members to your ‘Close Friends’ list and then stream only to them. This is a problem because those booking into class won't necessarily be on your Instagram feed, so you would need to find them on Instagram, add them to your ‘Close Friends’ and change that list to reflect each class. Keeping in mind that bookings could come in right before the class is due to start and some won’t have an Instagram account at all. 

Next steps and additional support 

Gympass and Glofox will provide all the help and support you need to get started. Visit our Knowledge Base on 'Live Workout Streaming' for everything you need to know;


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