How to Market Your Online Workouts During the COVID-19 Outbreak


This article will take you through; 

  1. Creating value for online classes
  2. Packaging your online classes
  3. Selling Memberships
  4. Promoting your online classes to generate revenue
  5. Leveraging your member Store
  6. Using online classes to drive new leads in the future
  7. Webinar
  8. Next steps and additional support

Creating value for online classes

To create value for the online classes you need to provide more than just a workout. Your members are likely going to want or even expect you to pause or cancel their memberships while you're closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, it is important that you deliver more than a simple online workout. Some things to consider; 

  • Offer 1 on 1 or small group check-ins. We've seen some gyms offer nutritional advice (Only consider this if it's something you are qualified to do) 
  • Make sure to bring in the community aspect that they have come to expect e.g. set up a Facebook group for your members to chat and share tips, or re-share their posts on social media
  • Create a Spotify playlists for them to use during the session. Sound can often lose quality during a live workout stream, and copyright issues can stop you from posting clips with music. Read more about the do's and don't of streaming music here: How to Stream Copyrighted Music Legally in Your Zoom or YouTube Live Workouts
  • Ensure your online classes are as true to the in-person class as possible. Offer alternative for equipment, e.g. instead of weights, try a weighted back-pack

Packaging your online classes

Your top priority will be to retain as many of your current memberships as possible, do this by;  

  • Increasing the value - not reducing the revenue
  • Keep membership pricing consistent with your in-class prices
  • Experiment by adding additional classes throughout the day to find a schedule that works for you and your members
  • A good rule of thumb for credit packs is not to reduce the price by any more than 20%. It can be tempting to reduce to as much as 50% off but this will devalue your offering and give you a less sustainable business.  

Selling Memberships

You may have some members that have unfortunately have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, but for the rest of them, they now have less opportunity to spend the money they do have. So don't be fooled into thinking that there isn't any demand for your classes. Think about the money saved on daily transport, coffees, expensive city lunches, dinners, general socializing, etc.  

On top of this, your members are less active than ever before and they're likely crying out for some routine. With the right strategy, there is plenty of sales opportunity out there for you to take advantage of. 

When looking at your messaging, you should be honest with your members, ask for their support during these difficult times. Ask them to support local businesses like yourself and you'll be surprised at how many people out there are willing to support you. COVID-19 has affected us all, so we're all more likely to go the extra mile to support our community.  

Another tactic some of our customers are using is referral programs to boost new sign-ups. Listen to our Podcast;

Mike talks about a charitable initiative paired with a referral program that can help you grow your business. 

Facebook advertising

You may be tempted to scale back on your Facebook and Instagram ads right now, or maybe you've never explored this avenue before? Now is a great time to get some ads going, as so many ads have been pulled, the cost per ad has dropped as much as 50% in some areas.  

Promoting your Online Workouts to generate revenue

COVID-19 will likely impact your business for approx 12 months, so here's some general do's and don't to help you manage that; 


  • Adapt→ Plan→ Grow 
  • Share taster snippets so leads know what to expect
  • Invest in Facebook Ads to target new leads 
  • Post short workout snippets on your Glofox app and social media (With consent from those in the video) 
    • News: share live or recorded content
    • Get creative using Animoto or Canva if editing videos. 
    • Coming soon! Restrict content to your Active Members only to entice leads to convert to a membership. 
  • Collaborate with other businesses: Join forces with nutritionists, local businesses to get further exposure for your brand. 


  • Forget your value!
  • Don’t follow the trend
  • Don't offer your services for free

Leveraging your member Store

To bring in additional revenue, make sure you're using your Glofox Store to the best of your ability. 

Consider selling the following; 

  • Gift Cards - This can be a great way to encourage your members to support you during closures. Find out how to set up Gift Cards using Account Balance here: How to Sell Gift Cards
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Equipment and props
  • Premium videos
  • Promotional items and Swag - Branded t-shirts, water bottles, etc. 

BE CREATIVE NOW to keep money coming into your business. You can add anything to your Store and sell. All you need is a picture and some text to get set up

Using Online Workouts to drive new leads in the future


For more information on the topics mentioned above check out our recent webinar on marketing your online workouts; 


Next steps and additional support

You can listen to a recording of last week’s webinar here on our Knowledge Base. You might also be interested in the following:

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If you haven’t seen or read our previous emails please reach out now to if you have any questions or would like to opt into free and discounted SMSs over the next few months.

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