Glofox Webinar: Gym Trends in Every Country - Real Data on the Open-Up


In this webinar Finn Hegarty, Co-Founder and CPO of Glofox, will guide you through a country-by-country analysis of the trends we’ve seen developing in the fitness industry and some of the green shoots of recovery that are emerging in global markets.

We will also look at how top performers are driving their online offerings, giving you the insights your business needs to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented by digital fitness.

What we cover: 

  • A breakdown of country-by-country booking trends
  • Positive movements emerging in the fitness industry
  • A run-through of the metrics in your report and what they mean for your studio

As ever, any feedback or suggestions would be more than welcome so that we can make these sessions as beneficial as possible for you.

Anthony Kelly

Chief Customer Officer


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