How to Delete a Member or Lead 


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How to Delete a Member or Lead 

You can delete a member on the Member Slide Out. Search the members name, click to open the Member Slide Out. 

  1. Head to the bottom right hand corner of the Member Slide Out and click the ‘Delete Member’ button. 
  2. Click Yes on the Member or Leads profile to confirm 

Please Note:

Deleting a member will not permanently delete them from the system. In Glofox all member’s profiles can be restored. To permanently delete a member you will need to contact the Glofox team. 



How to Restore a Members Profile 

In Glofox we make it super easy to restore a deleted Members profile. To do this you need to

  1. Open the the Lead or Member list (depending on the customers status when they were deleted). 
  2. In the right hand corner you will see an ‘Actions’ button. Click on the downward facing arrow here and a drop down menu will appear. 
  3. Chose the ‘Show Deleted’ option from the drop down menu 
  4. Once here locate the Member/Lead you which to restore, click on the restore button 
  5. Head back to the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Hide Deleted’ you are now back to  your original list and the members profile that you just restored will be here 

Glofox Tip

Email addresses in Glofox are unique, therefore you can not create multiple profiles with the same email address. If you get the error message ‘Email Already in Use’ when creating a members profile, but can not find them on the Member or Lead tab. Make sure and check the deleted list in the Leads and Members tabs. You should find their profile here and you can restore their profile.

What if I don’t want to restore my members old profile but want to create a new profile for them?  

In Glofox email addresses are unique identifiers. Therefore you can not have two accounts with the same email address. 

If you would like to create a new profile for someone who has had a profile and deleted it, you will need to:

  1. Restore their deleted profile
  2. Change the email address to something not on the system, for example: 
  3. Save these details and then re-delete the old profile

If you would like to create a new profile using the same email address for someone who has not deleted their profile:

  1. Find the Member or Lead
  2. Edit their email address to something unique and not on the system, for example 
  3. Save the profile address with the new email address 
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