Class Slide Out: Booked List


In this article we will take you through;

  1. What is the Booked list
  2. Check-In
  3. Manually Checking-In a member in 
  4. Important tags on the booked list 
  5. Check-In from the Glofox Pro App 

What is the Booked list? 

On the Class Slide Out you will find a list of all the members who are booked in for any given class. Let’s take a look at how you can check-in, cancel a member and download your class list all from this section of the class slide out

Glofox Tip:

The term Check- in on Glofox is used to describe someone who has checked-in (attended) for a booking they have made.


Once a member has booked in there are a few ways you can check them in and register their attendance. This can be done manually on the dashboard or the Glofox Pro App, or by the member themselves if you use The Kiosk. Let’s look at how you can do this manually.

Manually Checking-In a Member

  • Check-In Individual Attendance: You can check some body in to a class by clicking on the check mark under the actions heading on the booked list. Once this circle turns to dark green attendance has been registered.Screenshot_2020-05-27_at_12.34.11.png
  • Check-In Group Attendance: Under the member actions section you will see the “Check-in Everyone” button, if you click on this button it will check everyone on the booked list in and register them as attended. You will see an update like the below, in the bottom left hand corner that lets you know you have successfully updated your members attendance.




Important Tags on the Booked List

  • Class_slideout_-_First_.png You will find this tag beside a member's name who is taking their first class. This allows you to identify newcomers easily and interact with them prior to taking their first class.
  • Screenshot_2020-05-27_at_12.41.46.png You will find this tag beside someone who has chosen the 'Pay Later' payment option (if it is toggled on as part of your set up. This will allow you to identify who owes money for the class and action their payment. 

Check-In From the Glofox Pro App

You can also manage manual check- in for your Members using the Glofox Pro App. For more information on managing your Members from within the Glofox Pro app, read the following article; 

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