The Class Slide Out


This article will take you through: 

  1. What is the Class slide Out? 
  2. Where is the Class Slide Out? 

What is the Class Slide Out?

The Class Slide Out is an important place for managing your classes on Glofox. It his here that you can make one of amendments to classes and also manage your members bookings. Amongst other things you can register attendance, book members, cancel people from a class, make a once of edit to a class, download class lists and manage your waitlist among other important actions. 

The slide out is split into fiver different sections: 

  • Booked List
  • Waiting List
  • Cancelled List
  • Class Actions Section
  • Member Actions Section

Where is the Class Slide Out? 

Each class will have its own Class Slide Out. You can access it by

1. Clicking on a scheduled class on the Home page

2. Selecting a class on the calendar 

3. By searching the class name in the Global Search Bar or through a Member’s profile



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