Class Slide Out: Waiting List


This article will take you through:

  1. What is the Waiting List?
  2. How to use the Waiting List 
  3. Managing your waitlist from the Glofox Pro App 

What is the Waiting List?

The waiting list section on the class slide out is where you can find out the information of people who are currently on the waitlist for any given class. This tab will only show if you have members on a waiting list. From here you can send messages to people on the waiting list, manually move some one from the waitlist to the class or alternatively remove them completely from the waitlist. 

How to Use the Waiting List 

The Waitlist can behave in two ways, either by booking the first person in or sending a notification to allow users to book on a first come first served basis. You can also manually move members into the class from the waitlist.

  1. Clicking on the “Moving to Attending” button will take your member from the waitlist and add them to your class. 
  2. Clicking on the arrow under the actions heading on the waiting list will allow you to remove someone from the waitlist by clicking the “Remove from Class” button. Or alternatively send the person an SMS by choosing the “Send a Message” button! 



Managing your Waitlist from the Glofox Pro App 

You can also manage your waitlist using the Glofox Pro App. For more information on this, read the following article;


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