Class Slide Out: The Class Actions Section


This article will take you through;

  1. What is the Class Action Section?
  2. How to Cancel a Class 
  3. Editing a Class 
  4. Cancelling a Member & Class using the Glofox Pro App 

What is the Class Action Section?

The Class Actions Section on the dashboard allows you to manage different actions for any given class. From here you can delete & cancel a class, edit the details of a class and also book a member in to a class. You can find this section on the right hand side of the class slide out. 

How to Add a Once-Off Class 

You can add a once- off instance of a class using the Calendar. Head to the Home>Calendar tab and either click on the 'Create' button in the top right hand corner, or by clicking on a square on the calendar.

  1. Click the create button or click on a section in the calendar
  2. A pop up will appear, click on Class (you can also create a once of instance for an appointment, facility or course)
  3. Chose the class type from the drop down menu 
  4. Fill in the details for the once off class 
  5. Click 'Create single class" 
  6. Check the calendar, if you hover over the class you will see the tag 'manually created' this will be on all class that were created using the calendar 

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 15.40.33.png


How to cancel a Class

Cancelling a class from the class slide out will delete this instance of the class only. Cancelling a class will cancel all bookings associated with,  and effect all the members you have already booked into this class. If credits were originally used by your members to book the class they will be refunded their credit.

To cancel a class you can follow these steps; 

  • Open the Class Slide Out 
  • Under the Class Actions section, click the ‘Delete’ button 
  • A pop up will show, click 'Yes' to confirm and delete the class 

How to cancel a Member from a Class

  1. Click on the downward arrow button under the Actions heading in the Booked List
  2. Once you click on this button you will see a pop that says “Remove from Class”


  1. Click on the “Remove from Class” button
  2. A pop up window will display. Click the “Yes” button if you wish to proceed and your member will be cancelled from the class. If you head over to the cancelled list you will see the members' names that you have just cancelled. 

The Cancelled List

From the cancelled list you can reach out to members who cancelled using a push notification, you can also check when a member cancelled using helpful time tags.  Members who cancel the class booking themselves will also show here


Editing a Class 


Using the edit the event button you can once off edits to a class including the name, description, the facility, trainer, start time, and level.

How to Cancel a Class & Member using the Glofox the Pro App

You can also cancel a member from a Class using the Glofox Pro App. For more information on managing your member’s from within the Glofox Pro app, read the following article; 

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