Reconciling Payments with Glofox


Reconciling Payments with Glofox

This article will take you through; 

  1. Reconciling Glofox Payments (Stripe)
  2. Reconciling Direct Debit payments or ACH payments (GoCardless) 
  3. Next steps and additional support

Reconciling Glofox Payments (Stripe)

There are a number of different reports on Glofox which you can use to track and break down your revenue, as well as any associated payouts. In this article, we’ll walk you through a process you can use to reconcile card payments from members right to your bank account.

Please note:

This process is for card payments via Glofox Payments (powered by Stripe) only. For GoCardless reconciliations, click here.

Downloading the Transactions Report

Each Transaction processed via Glofox will appear in your Transactions Report, which can be accessed via;

  1. From your Glofox Dashboard head to the 'Report' tab
  2. Then go to 'Reports'
  3. Then 'Transactions'transactions.gif
  4. From here, select your desired date range
  5. Next, make click Download - this will download the file in CSV format

Step five is important because there are certain fields that appear only in the CSV format, which do not appear in the report itself. These four fields are needed to reconcile card payments to your bank account: 

  • Net amount (Amount - fees): This is the revenue deposited in your bank, which is the gross amount, less any applicable transaction fees.
  • Payout Date: This is the date this particular transaction was paid into your bank account. Please note, payout times vary per region. Click here to view payout timings 
  • Payout ID: Each payout made to your bank account has a unique ID. This helps tie the transaction to this payout. You can view any payout ID by downloading the payout via the Payouts section. The file name will be the Payout ID. 
  • Transaction ID: The Transaction ID is also included in the report downloaded from the View Payouts section, so you can easily cross-reference these. 

Downloading the Payout Report

Next, you'll need to download the payout report, to do that follow these steps;

  1. From your Glofox Dashboard head to the 'Report' tab
  2. Then click 'Payouts'
  3. From here, you can download recently deposited payouts and reconcile the Transaction IDs and net amounts with the detail included in the Transactions Report outlined above

Reconciling Direct Debit payments or ACH payments (GoCardless)

For reconciling payouts made by Direct Debit via GoCardless, the same initial step to download the transaction report applies; the Transactions Report can be used to track any successful Direct Debit payment. 

Please note: 

Unlike payments made by card, Direct Debit payments take a number of days to process successfully. As such, they will be in a Pending state until confirmed. It is important to filter out any payments which are in the Pending state when reconciling payments made to your bank. 


Next steps and additional support

For more information on Glofox Payments and Payouts, read the following articles;

For additional support reach out to and we will be happy to assist you. 

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